Welcome to Tabletop Games UK this site is dedicated to bringing news and reviews from across the broad and ever expanding range of Tabletop Games, as well as acting almost like a hobby diary for me as well as a way to connect with my fellow gamers of whom two of which now write for the site as well. I am constantly looking at new things both in terms of gaming and also how to move and expand TTGUK, it is astounding how fast what started off as a little ‘hobby’ project that I could do on my daily commute has after 1 year almost become a full time job in itself.


Check out the blog to see whats been going on, or the calendar to see if there are any local events coming up soon.

I have been an avid gamer for many years, boardgames to console games then PC games back to consoles and so it seems I have come back full circle to tabletop games, there is something about tabletop games that is just missing from other formats of gaming I feel.

Through all that time I have always been a Dark Angel at heart and searching for something to fill that gap, after getting back into the hobby in 2014 I discovered a small independent shop, well my other half did, and from there I learned the delights of Deadzone and Dreadball as well as a host of other different systems that I now thoroughly enjoy working with.

After a year we have added two new writers Mark who is an avid Spoils player (and a National Champion) as well as Jez who as well as being a gamer is also involved in the GCN. You will notice some off the links go to Element Games this is because we are now an affiliate and any purchases made through clicking on those links earns us a little bit off cash which can be reinvested into the site making it easier for us to bring you even more great news.
Element Games - Wargaming Webstore


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