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Ringing in the Changes

Hi gamers, it’s Darren here. You may have noticed we have been a bit quite the last few days, this is because we have made some major changes to the website and indeed to the future of Tabletop Games UK.

We have moved to a hosted server which means we will be no longer publishing anything here, all the articles have been moved and everything is set, just a few niggles like featured images are a bit of a thorn in my side at the moment.

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There are a lot of plans in place for this year and we are all excited for the next 12 months and hope you continue to support us

KV 1/KV 2 Boxset for Bolt action.

Layout 1

If you play Russian with Bolt Action, then this is the box set for you. Not only can you expand your heavy firepower you can also expand your troops. This box set comes with 8 plastic tank riders, also in the box is a guide for constructing your KV1 or KV2, handy reference card for each type of tank, damage markers and a set of decals for the KV tank. This set really does come in at a good price of £20 and at time of writing is in stock on the website.



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Learning Curve: Blood Bowl & Lesson’s We Learn The Hard Way!

Some of us (me included) seem to only be capable of learning how to avoid a situation by being in one.  This exhibited in many ways when I was a callow youth (but those are tales for after the watershed -Ed.) and now mainly are displayed when I either buy something I don’t need or get whupped when playing games…

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Friday Kicks 30/01/17

Welcome to the first edition of Friday Kicks of 2017, firstly sorry its not a Friday so those of you who read the title and thought the weekend was nearly here your out off luck! Secondly I have decided to bring this back to try and keep up with whats going ton in the world of Kickstarters as I have grown a bit dispondant with them recently, mainly as there are so many great ones kicking around at the moment, so here goes.

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Blood Bowl Dwarfs available for order

The Dwarf Giants are an old team with a very long and distinguished history. They were one of the original Blood Bowl sects, and have been present for every major development in the game’s history. In more recent times they have consolidated their talents and re-launched themselves as major players in the modern Blood Bowl leagues.

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