Gates of Antares Part Two Concord Renforcements

The hard to write second part, well unfortunately I don’t believe I have managed to get much painting done since the first update this is in part due to a few new arrivals that have well arrived. As well as a combination of outside factors and a lot of things demanding brush time, i think I was a bit ambitious in my plans for these updates but needless to say the show must go on.

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Wasteman – The Knights of Gnar!

The Knights of Gnar are live on Kickstarter!

I am a big fan of small independant games manufacturers – specifically those valiant souls who slave away in their backrooms, to make something personal and magical that can touch other gamers. Jason Fairclough with his Thunderchild Miniatures encapsulate this ethos completely for me.

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Coming soon to a Konflikt near you!

Available to as of yesterday are the first preview blister packs for the Soviets and British in Konflikt ’47. Box sets for both these awesome troop types will come later in December but we know you guys couldn’t wait!NB Final design of infantry for the box sets may change from the designs in these preview blister sets.



As most nations began adopting heavily-armoured infantry, the British took a more extreme view. With automatons providing close fire support to the infantry, it was decided that any armoured troops should be capable of providing a punch beyond that of current infantry. Therefore the British developed the Galahad Armoured Suits, intended to overwhelm opposition strongpoints. Although limited in number, careful and considered use has meant they have a growing and largely victorious reputation. Resiliant and tough, a squad will normally consist of 1 NCO and 3 to 7 men.

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TTGUK Paints Update 3

Well here we go 6 weeks into what should really have been a pretty easy painting challenge, the guys are doing really well except one, but he shall remain nameless unless he doesnt get any work done this weekend but as he is running a Guild Ball tournament its highly likely he will be the first member of staff to be shamed, even though he has got enough excuses for the past 4 weeks we arent going to let him off lightly.

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Now this is looking very exciting!

Bethnal Green’s own HATE wargames club (HATE of course standing for the Hackney Area Tabletop Enthusiasts) in alliance with Mantic games will be hosting their very own HATECONZOM on the 5th of November – Dreadball and Kings of War tournaments, Dungeon Saga and Deadzone demonstration games, and a chance to try out Mantics brand new Walking Dead game!

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Forge World Thousand Sons Transfers


Forge World release their Thousand Sons transfer sheet and as per usual it looks great.

I have used the Night Lords ones here and I’d highly recommend getting these regardless of if you play 40K or 30K as the Thousand Sons.  Not cheap at £16 but well worth it for the look of your force!

Just spreading the love -Mark!

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