Warhammer Visions

After what seems a dissapointing first outing for the new Warhammer Visions magazine, I had a chat with one GW employee. Basically it boils down to watch this space as there should be much better and newer content in this months edition,  although my bet is on 90% Dwarfs as thats all that seemed to be in the weekly white Dwarf.


So have literally just got on my train after being at the adult evening at Games Workshop Norwich, the staff that were there were both incredibly helpful and demonstrated a few techniques to everyone while at the same time trying to keep an 8 man 4v4 battle going. Most seem to have been the same ones as last week so they actually managed to get themselves sorted pretty quickly.

Was nice to spend just under two hours meeting a few people who like me have just returned to the hobby, comparing minatures and also discussing what our planes were, and in one instance coming up with a new rule which I might seriously consider emailing Games Workshop about, it made that much sense.

Above is the minature that I had hoped to get finished but instead ended up doing the cloak hem and touching up as well as giving the wings a bit more attention.

Wargames Ahoy

Tomorrow shall see me packing up my new collection, which consits of ravenwing command squad, some paints and and empty wallet and heading off to Games Workshop: Norwich for thier weekly ‘adult night’.

Now the keen eyed readers will notice that three models half painted and half built will struggle to take on anyone more threatening than a box of basing sand, but I am only going to have a snout at the new GW magazines and paint. Hopefully I may get my commander finished but we shall see, I have never before painted a model in a few pieces, then put them together, maybe its because I am growing older that I realise that this may well be the way forward and before I have literally needed to get the models built quickly.

Last week when I was there saw a large 4 vs 4 game of 40k and a three way all against all on the fantasy board. There seemed to be quite a few new people there so the hobby (or addiction) seems to be going a lot stronger than I remember from my teens.

Will hopefully get some shots from tomorrow as well.

Fire Storm Armada upcoming release

22nd January 2014 will see Spartan Games releasing new minatures for its game Firestorm Armada. The release list is on it website but I have put it here for your drooling pleasure. Having never previously come across either game nor the company I must admit that the models look fantastic and definitely fill the gap that battlefleet gothic seems to have left. Hopefully over the next coming weeks I will be able to showcase some more of this companies work but for now here are the releases.

Firestorm Armada

Dindrenzi Federation Carrier Group
Dindrenzi Federation Cruiser Group
Terran Alliance Carrier Group
Terran Alliance Cruiser Group
Aquan Prime Carrier Group
Aquan Prime Cruiser Group
Sorylian Collective Carrier Group
Sorylian Collective Cruiser Group
The Directorate Carrier Group
The Directorate Cruiser Group
The Relthoza Carrier Group
The Relthoza Cruiser Group

An especially good time to get involved in this interstellar war as the company Spartan games is celebrating its fourth anniversary this year and is releasing a new 2.0 version of its core rules.


This is our Facebook page which we will use to post short tid bits bullitins and interact from. Its not designed to replace rather its to work alongside this blog. Also coming will be a group page from where people can trade from.

If you would like your models featured or even your shop please use the contact options to get in touch. Also if you have a favourite game you would like to spread the word about then that as well please get in touch.

I am truely independant just wanting to share and promote tabletop gaming and the followings that they bring.

Things to come will include RSS feeds possibly forums stockists lists the possibilities are endless.

Up and Coming

Whilst browsing the world wide web, well facebook, I stumbled acrosd this hidden little gem  Dead Earth

The Last World War some call it. Optimists. No one really knows who started it, or why, if there wasever a reason, but once it started it was only ever going to end one way: the end of the world itself.And what comes after the end of the world, inherited by those few survivors? Life, of sorts, Isuppose. A struggle to survive, scavenging and looting and fighting our way in small bands, groups,gangs or families: across the dead Earth.

This project goes live on Kickstarter in March stay tuned for more news


Welcome to Tabletop Gaming UK.

Over the next few months things may look a little sparse while I get things set-upso please be a little bit patient with me. The plan is that on this site to show case as much about the tabletop gaming world as possible. This will mean a lot of hunting on my part to bring you as much as possible about an industry that seems dominated by one brand, and yes thats what got me into the hobby. I think at heart I will always be a die hard Dark Angel.