Fire Storm Armada upcoming release

22nd January 2014 will see Spartan Games releasing new minatures for its game Firestorm Armada. The release list is on it website but I have put it here for your drooling pleasure. Having never previously come across either game nor the company I must admit that the models look fantastic and definitely fill the gap that battlefleet gothic seems to have left. Hopefully over the next coming weeks I will be able to showcase some more of this companies work but for now here are the releases.

Firestorm Armada

Dindrenzi Federation Carrier Group
Dindrenzi Federation Cruiser Group
Terran Alliance Carrier Group
Terran Alliance Cruiser Group
Aquan Prime Carrier Group
Aquan Prime Cruiser Group
Sorylian Collective Carrier Group
Sorylian Collective Cruiser Group
The Directorate Carrier Group
The Directorate Cruiser Group
The Relthoza Carrier Group
The Relthoza Cruiser Group

An especially good time to get involved in this interstellar war as the company Spartan games is celebrating its fourth anniversary this year and is releasing a new 2.0 version of its core rules.


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