Wargames Ahoy

Tomorrow shall see me packing up my new collection, which consits of ravenwing command squad, some paints and and empty wallet and heading off to Games Workshop: Norwich for thier weekly ‘adult night’.

Now the keen eyed readers will notice that three models half painted and half built will struggle to take on anyone more threatening than a box of basing sand, but I am only going to have a snout at the new GW magazines and paint. Hopefully I may get my commander finished but we shall see, I have never before painted a model in a few pieces, then put them together, maybe its because I am growing older that I realise that this may well be the way forward and before I have literally needed to get the models built quickly.

Last week when I was there saw a large 4 vs 4 game of 40k and a three way all against all on the fantasy board. There seemed to be quite a few new people there so the hobby (or addiction) seems to be going a lot stronger than I remember from my teens.

Will hopefully get some shots from tomorrow as well.

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