Games Worshop Pre-Orders

The true story of the man who becomes the herald of the End Times
– An epic quest to gather instruments of darkness
– Features Chaos, Empire, Dark Elves, Valkia, Belakor and, of course, Archaon himself
– Explores the Realm of chaos in unparalleled detail
In the north of the world the forces of Chaos gather, waiting their moment to strike. At their head is the Everchosen, the warrior who will lead the final, cataclysmic assault that will usher in the End Times and the reign of the Ruinous Powers. But he was not always thus – he was once a man, a devout servant of the warrior-god Sigmar. What could cause such a soul to fall to the worship of the Dark gods? What dark events could have put a knight of the Empire on the path to becoming the harbinger of the world’s end? And just who was the man who will become known to all as Archaon?
Limited to 1000 boxes and only available in Games Workshop stores and independent retailers.
This sturdy canvas tool wallet is perfect for storing and safely transporting your complete set of Citadel tools.
The wallet is filled with the full range of precision Citadel tools, including: one pair of fine detail cutters, one drill, one knife, one file set, one sculpting tool set and one mouldline remover. 

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