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Here we are at update 2, again the level of support continues to grow. This weeks big news is we have a poster for people to use as they wish, my thanks to Sai Harris for creating it. More people have signed up AND we have a painting competition on the way 🙂

I have also been on Fools Daily so make sure you go have a listen.


Again thanks to Sai Harris for putting this together for me. Clicking on the image will take you to a pdf of the poster for use 🙂

WAAC Poster WAAC Poster

Painting Competition

So Mr Rich Smith came up with the idea of a painting competition for WAAC 🙂 this is a great idea so we may as well get the ball rolling. The rules are simple;

1) Donate £5 (or equivalent) to the WAAC donation page, making sure to say you are…

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Market Position

Before the Dystopian Wars tournament kicked off yesterday (I came joint third) I was just chatting to one of the other players about the hobby, in particular why Games Workshop seemed to have such a massive market share.

Now dont get me wrong I love my Dark Angels I always have, great back ground and minatures, even not having access to a lot of the vanilla marine kit doesn’t tempt me to leave them. Even the price won’t dissuade me from leaving them. But they are expensive £30 for a sternguard squad of 5 to make a combat squad of veterans worth in the region of about 125 points after upgrades add another £20 for a 60 point drop pod. Thats not far off the price off a new game system starter set! The lad from the tournament who I was talking to estimated the pound value of his 3000 point Dystopian War fleet at £100. That will only just get you a super heavy from games workshop like the new knights which I think are around the 300 point mark and thats if you already have the codex for it!

Games Workshop have there own stores, they are in almost every model shop, they have the largest range. Mantic and Spartan Games just don’t seem to have that yet. Out of the four shops I frequent, all stock Games Workshop, two stock Mantic games (although one only seemed to have the one game) and only one sells Spartan Games products. So out of thise three publishers who gets seen the most!

Thats not to knock Spartan or Mantic as there seems no shortage of players moving over to the smaller publishers games, myself included, who are moving for good cheaper minatures, they may at times seem slightly less detailed but they are still great quality, really good rule sets and the non draconian mind set.

Heres hoping the next few years see these smaller companies go from strength to strength, GW is king off the hill at the moment but there are plenty of people who would like to take that away from them and they have a lot of potential.

7th edition ringing the changes

Just found this on Facebook

So, let us all once again see what will new edition bring us. Starting from tomorrow:

-The rulebook is being written by Jervis Johnson, Robin Cruddace, and Simon Gran.
-They’re not rewriting any of the codex’s they just wrote (Chaos Marines through Astra Militarum). It’s likely they knew that there was going to be an edition change while they were writing Space Marines, as such Tyranids and Astra Militarum might have been written to the 7th ed rules. *CoughShadowinthewarpCough*

-You can ignore the Force Org chart if you wish, resulting in an “Unbound” army list. However, using the FOC to make a “Battle-Forged” army list allows you to reroll Warlord Traits and lets you control objectives even if an enemy scoring unit is within range of them (unless they also happen to be Battle-Forged). Where Kill-Team lies within this mayhem is yet to be determined.
-The potential for abuse with Unbound lists is obvious- as long as the units themselves are legal, the allies chart is followed, and the point limit is adhered to, literally anything goes. Like an army made up of nothing but HUNDREDS of cheap troops models (like Grots/Cultists etc.) for the tarpit to end all tarpits, or an army consisting entirely of super heavy vehicles. But on the bright side, it also allows you to field fluffy armies legally (e.g. the First Company of a Space Marine Chapter).

-Psychic Phase. It’s pretty much the Magic Phase from Fantasy, back to use after 2E. First you add up all the Mastery Levels of all your psykers, then add d6 to that; the total is how many Warp Charge dice you get this turn. Feel free to roll as many Warp Charge dice as you want for each psychic power you cast, but rolling more dice runs a higher risk of Perils of the Warp. Deny The Witch now takes place here and requires Warp Charges to work, so having at least one psyker in your army seems like it’ll be necessary. (It can now also be used to nullify enemy blessings as well as offensive powers.) Expect Tau and Necrons getting a rule either in errata or core rules to deny.
-Force Weapon activation now counts as a psychic power. Not sure if this will mean that it is a power taken automatically with the weapon.
-Your opponent gets d6 warp charge dice during your psychic phase as well (roll once for the both of you).
-Witchfire/psychic shooting attacks are done in the psychic phase too, and no longer make the psyker count as having fired a weapon.
New psychic discipline: Daemonology, which is split into Sanctic and Malefic.
-Sanctic powers are usable by Grey Knights like normal (but barred from Malefic). Likewise, Daemons (and Sorcerers with the Daemon USR) can use Malefic powers like any other, but can never take Sanctic powers. —-All other psykers (except for Tyranids, which get neither one) can use both, but get perils when they roll doubles. This means that you can have both Radical Inquisitors who summon Daemons and Chaos Space Marines who can hunt down and kill them.
-The Sanctic powers are as follows:
Primaris: Banishment Warp Charge 3. A Malediction with a 24″ range that can only be used on units with the Daemon USR. Will reduce the Daemon’s Invul save by 1 (So the basic 5+ Daemon Invulnerable becomes a 6+)
1: Gate of Infinity Warp Charge 1. A benediction that allows a single unit that isn’t swooping or zooming can now Deep Strike anywhere.
2: Hammerhand Warp Charge 1. A blessing that grants the caster and unit gain +2S.
3: Sanctuary Warp Charge 1. Caster and his unit gain +1 to their Invul save. Additionally, all Daemons (allies and enemies) within 12″ of the caster treat all terrain as Dangerous Terrain.
4: Purge Soul Warp Charge 1. Focused Witchfire power with a range of 24″. Both you and your enemy must now roll d6 and add Ld to the roll. If the enemy loses, he must take an unsavable wound.
5: Cleansing Flame Warp Charge 2. Range 9″ S5 AP4 Assault 2d6 Nova power with Soulblaze and Ignores Cover.
6: Vortex of Doom Warp Charge 3. Range 12″ Strength D AP1 Assault 1 Blast Vortex power. Failing the test to manifest this power automatically causes perils.
The Malefic powers are as follows:
Primaris: Summoning Warp Charge 3. A conjuration that summons one of the following within 12 inches of the user: 10 Bloodletters, 10 Pink Horrors, 10 Plaguebearers, 10 Daemonettes, 5 Flesh Hounds, 3 Flamers, 3 Nurgling Swarms, 5 Seekers.
1: Cursed Earth Warp Charge 1. All models with the Daemon USR (allied and enemy) within 12 inches of the user gain +1 to their invulnerable save and do not scatter when Deep Striking within range of the user.
2: Dark Flame Warp Charge 1. A Witchfire template power with S4 AP5, Assault 1, and the Soul Blaze and Torrent rules.
3: Infernal Gaze Warp Charge 1. A 18 inch range Beam power with S3 AP 4, Assault 1, and the Armourbane and Fleshbane rules.
4: Sacrifice Warp Charge 1. A conjuration that summons a Herald of your choice (with up to 30 points’ worth of wargear options) within 6 inches of the user. However, the user or another friendly unit in range suffers a single wound with no saves allowed.
5: Incursion Warp Charge 3. A conjuration that summons one of the following within 12 inches of the user: 3 Bloodcrushers, 3 Screamers, 3 Plague Drones, 3 Fiends.
6: Possession Warp Charge 3. Summons a Greater Daemon of your choice within 6 inches, and removes the user as a casualty. (If the user was part of a unit with Brotherhood of Psykers/Sorcerers, the whole unit is removed.) If the Psychic test to manifest this power fails, the user automatically suffers Perils of the Warp. (Just imagine the look on your opponent’s face when your otherwise useless Wyrdvane Psykers explode into a Bloodthirster. Or your Lord of Change, on his last wound, explodes into a new and fully healed Lord of Change.)
Perils of the Warp is now a table to be rolled on to determine what hijinks ensue.
1: Dragged into the Warp Psyker takes a leadership test. If passed, he suffers 1 wound or glancing hit with no saves allowed. If failed, he is removed as a casualty and his unit takes D6 S6 AP1 hits, starting from where he started.
2: Mental Purge Psyker suffers 1 wound/glancing hit with no saves allowed. Randomly select one power from the psyker. It is lost for the rest of the game.
3: Power Drain Psyker suffers 1 wound/glancing hit with no saves allowed. If it’s the psychic phase, both players lose D3 Warp Charge points.
4: Psychic Backlash Psyker suffers 1 wound/glancing hit with no saves allowed
5: Empyric Feedback Psyker takes a leadership test. If failed Psyker suffers 1 wound/glancing hit with no saves allowed. If passed no effect.
6: Warp Surge Psyker takes a leadership test. If failed Psyker suffers 1 wound/glancing hit with no saves allowed. If passed psyker gains 3++, -Fleshbane, Armourbane, and Smash until the next friendly psychic phase. Double with Soulblaze for extra lulz.
-Escalation, Stronghold Assault, and that new Altar of War book are included in the new rulebook. Missions might not be, but the force org from the books are included.
-Invulnerable saves can now be taken against strength D weapons, unless the strength D weapon in question rolled a 6 to wound. Strength D weapons that did not roll a 6 are treated as having S10 and the weapon’s AP, so T6+ units won’t suffer Instant Death from them.
Introduction of Maelstrom of War, an alternative to the standard set of —–Eternal War missions. A set of missions (6, to be specific) which revolve around special “Tactical Objectives”. Those objectives are drawn from one of 36 cards and award Victory Points for completing them. Example Tactical Objectives that have been mention include “manifest a psychic power”, “destroy a flyer”, and “kill a Character”. Tactical Objectives can be exchanged for another one in the deck at will, and if one is completed it will be replaced with a new one.
-Flying Monstrous Creatures now only take one grounding check, at the end of the shooting phase, rather than one check per shooting attack.
Wounds taken in challenges now spread to the party. This means that you can’t take a challenge just to soak up all the damage from the rest of your unit.
-Shooting attacks from a squad are resolved one weapon type at a time. For example, in a squad of tactical marines you may choose to resolve the flamer first, then the bolters, then the sergeant’s plasma pistol, then the missile launcher.
-Vehicle damage chart is changing again; you need a roll of 7 to make tanks Explode.
-The Core Rulebook’s going be split into three parts: One for the collectible (modelling and painting) part of the hobby, one for the fluff, and one that’s just the rules. All together, they cost $85.
-If a psyker manifests all his powers from the same discipline, he also gets the primaris power for free. This has the deliberate side effect of making sure all psykers (except Broodlords) can use at least two powers.
-The Split Fire rule no longer requires a leadership test.
-Vehicles can now use Snap Shots with Ordnance weapons, as long as the weapon itself allows Snap Shots to be fired. Similarly, vehicles can now fire Ordnance weapons normally at Combat Speed, although all other weapons that turn will be fired as Snap Shots.
ICs can’t join units with MCs.
-Precision Shot is a USR, so IG needs 6s to do precision after the order granting it.
-Jump Infantry can now use Jump Packs on movement and assault. They can also Jink.
-Smash is now only one attack.
-Allies are as follows:
Battle Brothers: Benefit from warlord traits and reserve rolls, ICs can join friendly units, can repair each other’s vehicles, and can embark on each other’s transports. Allied troops with a battleforged list get objective secured as well.
Allies of Convenience: Act as enemy units that can’t be charged, shot, attacked or targeted, can’t move within 1″ of each other, and are impacted by stuff that affects enemy models.
Desperate Allies: As AoC, but with One Eye Open.
Come the Apocalypse: Ally like Desperate Allies, but must deploy at least 12″ apart.
-New rulebook warlord traits.
-Vector strikes are 1 hit, S user, Ap2; FMCs get D3 hits instead.

And not confirmed yet:

-The Erratas and FAQs from 6th will be in the rulebook somewhere
-Something about sideboards and being able to swap out parts of your army list at the start of the game (like in Warmachine), but the details were unclear and that was probably false.
-Starter set is one of the following (details are a bit hazy): Imperial Guard versus Eldar, Blood Angels versus Orks, or the same Dark Vengeance box with a slightly different rulebook.
-We do know that IF they replace Dark Vengeance, it won’t be for a few more months.
-All units (including vehicles) will be scoring.
-Unbound armies may not contest objectives.
-If you fail to manifest a psychic power, that power is permanently disabled.
-Taking Jink saves forces snap shots.
-Manifesting psychic powers works as thus: roll some number of Warp —-Charge dice (roll as many or as few as you want), and for each 4+ you get one point. If you have enough points equal to or greater than the warp charge cost next to the psychic power’s name, you manifest it. So for —–Prescience, which costs 1 warp charge, you only need one 4+.
If it wasn’t for the d6 bonus warp charges each turn, this would statistically be a lot worse than the old Leadership Test system, since everyone except a couple of Eldar choices had Ld 10.

Play Tabletop Games

So one of the best parts of collecting and painting fantastic miniatures is to gather with like minded people and play, and despite being let down a few times this week I have managed to get two games of Deadzone in and have failed miserably (but he cheated) down at Iceni Games in Norwich.

Having said that even though two losses down puts mine and the managers Win/Loss Record at 5-1 in his favour I am still learning the game and will own him in the next game so lets bring it on!

Possibly change of dice is required as well, but my models have always been new so suffer the ‘new model syndrome’

Unboxing Deadzone

So as you know I got a copy of Mantic’s Deadzone the other day and to say I was blown away was an understatement. So here goes.


The box is just the standard size you would expect of a tabletop game the artwork is very good not quite hang on your wall but still very eye catching, the weight was what shocked me the most.

So inside the box you get two starter factions (plague and enforcers) rule book token dice and here is a very nice touch a playmat and a load of scenery



The two factions are in several different sprueless baggies so you can easily work on a bag at a time to get them started, takes a few hours as I was told to wash in soapy water and rinse well before building but that’s for another article coming soon. All I will say is that they are high grade models with lots of details.

The rules are concise and well laid out, not a lot of ‘fluff’ in them just some basic background, but its light and well laid out easy to carry around for those game days down the local hobby centre. It even includes rules for continuous scenarios and aids for campaigns.

Added to this is the cards for the two starter factions which are a must have some cardboard tokens and a set of D8 dice. Everything you need to get playing except one more thing.


The scenery yes its been a while since I have seen this much scenery in a starter box not since Necromunda have I seen such elegant ruins, but the build quality here is miles if not even further better than those old sets, admittedly it doesn’t look like there is a lot to make, and yes expansions are available, but its there its a start and for the price of the box there is enough, you wont be rebuilding the leaning tower of Pisa with it but you will be having fun and enjoying this game.


This is the first unboxing I have done and hopefully it wont be the last although Mantic has set the bar very high with this set, everything is just so, the right amount of figures and scenery will give a good insight into the game and provide a very solid base to get into the rest of the Deadzone scene.


Warhammer 40k and White Dwarf


This weeks issue of White Dwarf issue 16 contains and there is no real surprises here the new rules for 40K, so for those off you that have not seen it yet or just want the latest rumours confirmed, here goes.

The rulebook went on pre-order last night under various options from digital ebook at £39.99 to the special 2000 copy Munitorum edition at a staggering £200 I have seen on social media sites that this has already sold out but you can add it to the cart so unsure if this is true. The standard Hardback rules comes in at £50 but also comes in three parts a Galaxy of War which is a 144 page art book a Dark Millennium 128 page background book and also the rules which comes in at 208 pages other than going digital there seems no way of getting a rules book by itself.


As for the rules not much has been given away but shooting is now conducted in 7 stages current rumours include that weapons are fired in a certain order e.g. heavies then normal then assault.

The first big change is the ‘unbound armies’ one rumour that I had heard was that unforged armies couldn’t claim that turns out not to be true, how ever if player A with his Riptide unbound army has claimed an objective and player B with his ‘Battle Forged (or force organised army) comes along and can then claim it straight from under the riptide. So players using the Force Organisation Chart already have an advantage without the rollable perks that a FoC army will bring.

The next change is the psychic phase is back in and has been totally revamped, to use an phrase I heard at GW this week is Grey Knights could literally generate hundreds of dice to roll during the psychic phase, and everyone has probably heard about Ezekiel turning into a demon to win the game. Although perils of the warp is now ‘supposedly’ on any double roll and is much more fun for the person who didn’t fail it.

Moving on so not everything is divulged is a new set of objectives, generated by drawing a cards to determine objectives, the player can combine these to really wrack up some victory points so an unbound army could table a battle forged army, but still loose if the battle forged has completed a few of these optional missions an example given in WD16 is 5 victory points for killing the Warlord, One for ‘Slay the warlord’ 1 for assassination and up to 3 for King Slayer.


On a side note also this week there is a section on painting Dryads in seasonal colours, so its not all about the Grim Darkness of the future rulebook.

Getting On the Lists

So yesterday I spent a few hours on the phone trying to get myself on mailshot list, needless to say my success was measurable from wasted phone call through to really quite helpfull.

I wasn’t overly surprised that the most helpfull were the smaller publishers who were far more energetic about getting thier products showcased.

So hopefully now over the next few months will get all the latest releases and deals for a few more games.

Well the information not the finished products I thinj at thus stage of the game that would be hoping for a bit to much.

Malifaux tournament report (40SS); 03May2014

The Bovine Overlord

Aramoro, Forkbanger and I went along to a tournament at a relatively new venue in Edinburgh, the Games Hub.  Joe is still the tournament organiser which is good because it means it’ll be smooth event, but bad because it means that he probably doesn’t get to play himself.  The event itself was 40SS with fixed masters which I believe is partly to do with a vague escalation strategy at the store while it builds up a Malifaux scene; the previous event was 30SS.  Originally I was going to use Yan Lo, but some pre-event chat on our Facebook group showed that someone else was taking him and I wanted to avoid mirror matches / repeated rounds in such a small event.  I didn’t want to just rock up and destroy the inexperienced players with my practiced crews so I decided to use the only Ten Thunders master I own but…

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Deadzone enforcers part one

Nice new fresh box which I can open and start with 3 with normal weapons one assualt enforcer and one ‘heavy weapon’ enforcer.


Here are the bits freshly washed in lukewarm soapy water then rinsed and dried.
This removes any residue of the realeasing agents used to get the sprues out of the mould.


Here they are superglued together. Making these minis was quite fiddly at times and could have done with an extra hand but other than now having fingerprints that are non existent due to superglue coated fingers they are all built.

Next will come the painting when I have decided on the colour scheme. I would love to do a black enforcer like the guys from Starwars but I tjink that will leave the miniture to black. So will probably go for urban greys. The only thing is might look to similar to the ones on the box.