FS:A Battle Report – Sorylians vs. RSN, 850 points

Andy G. and Ian C.

This last weekend I played my second game of Firestorm: Armada, facing off against a new opponent’s Rense System Navy fleet.  It was fun, and a closer game than the final battle log would suggest.  Randy also generously offered me some extra Hawk Flight Widgets after the game, which I find exceptionally useful for keeping the models on their flight stands.  It was almost my first chance to use my new star mat from D’stone Art, which was awesome.



The initial Dindrenzi push into Sorylian space was devastating for the Collective, as the compartmentalized, defensive spheres were unable to individually stand up to the amassed Zenian League war fleets.  As the war went on, forces were consolidated among the beleaguered Alliance of Kurak signees.  Even the cold-blooded Sorylians changed their defensive strategy, bringing in the reserve fleets of distant spheres to support the developing front.  The counter-attack stalled the…

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