Warhammer 40k and White Dwarf


This weeks issue of White Dwarf issue 16 contains and there is no real surprises here the new rules for 40K, so for those off you that have not seen it yet or just want the latest rumours confirmed, here goes.

The rulebook went on pre-order last night under various options from digital ebook at £39.99 to the special 2000 copy Munitorum edition at a staggering £200 I have seen on social media sites that this has already sold out but you can add it to the cart so unsure if this is true. The standard Hardback rules comes in at £50 but also comes in three parts a Galaxy of War which is a 144 page art book a Dark Millennium 128 page background book and also the rules which comes in at 208 pages other than going digital there seems no way of getting a rules book by itself.


As for the rules not much has been given away but shooting is now conducted in 7 stages current rumours include that weapons are fired in a certain order e.g. heavies then normal then assault.

The first big change is the ‘unbound armies’ one rumour that I had heard was that unforged armies couldn’t claim that turns out not to be true, how ever if player A with his Riptide unbound army has claimed an objective and player B with his ‘Battle Forged (or force organised army) comes along and can then claim it straight from under the riptide. So players using the Force Organisation Chart already have an advantage without the rollable perks that a FoC army will bring.

The next change is the psychic phase is back in and has been totally revamped, to use an phrase I heard at GW this week is Grey Knights could literally generate hundreds of dice to roll during the psychic phase, and everyone has probably heard about Ezekiel turning into a demon to win the game. Although perils of the warp is now ‘supposedly’ on any double roll and is much more fun for the person who didn’t fail it.

Moving on so not everything is divulged is a new set of objectives, generated by drawing a cards to determine objectives, the player can combine these to really wrack up some victory points so an unbound army could table a battle forged army, but still loose if the battle forged has completed a few of these optional missions an example given in WD16 is 5 victory points for killing the Warlord, One for ‘Slay the warlord’ 1 for assassination and up to 3 for King Slayer.


On a side note also this week there is a section on painting Dryads in seasonal colours, so its not all about the Grim Darkness of the future rulebook.


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