Unboxing Deadzone

So as you know I got a copy of Mantic’s Deadzone the other day and to say I was blown away was an understatement. So here goes.


The box is just the standard size you would expect of a tabletop game the artwork is very good not quite hang on your wall but still very eye catching, the weight was what shocked me the most.

So inside the box you get two starter factions (plague and enforcers) rule book token dice and here is a very nice touch a playmat and a load of scenery



The two factions are in several different sprueless baggies so you can easily work on a bag at a time to get them started, takes a few hours as I was told to wash in soapy water and rinse well before building but that’s for another article coming soon. All I will say is that they are high grade models with lots of details.

The rules are concise and well laid out, not a lot of ‘fluff’ in them just some basic background, but its light and well laid out easy to carry around for those game days down the local hobby centre. It even includes rules for continuous scenarios and aids for campaigns.

Added to this is the cards for the two starter factions which are a must have some cardboard tokens and a set of D8 dice. Everything you need to get playing except one more thing.


The scenery yes its been a while since I have seen this much scenery in a starter box not since Necromunda have I seen such elegant ruins, but the build quality here is miles if not even further better than those old sets, admittedly it doesn’t look like there is a lot to make, and yes expansions are available, but its there its a start and for the price of the box there is enough, you wont be rebuilding the leaning tower of Pisa with it but you will be having fun and enjoying this game.


This is the first unboxing I have done and hopefully it wont be the last although Mantic has set the bar very high with this set, everything is just so, the right amount of figures and scenery will give a good insight into the game and provide a very solid base to get into the rest of the Deadzone scene.


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