Market Position

Before the Dystopian Wars tournament kicked off yesterday (I came joint third) I was just chatting to one of the other players about the hobby, in particular why Games Workshop seemed to have such a massive market share.

Now dont get me wrong I love my Dark Angels I always have, great back ground and minatures, even not having access to a lot of the vanilla marine kit doesn’t tempt me to leave them. Even the price won’t dissuade me from leaving them. But they are expensive £30 for a sternguard squad of 5 to make a combat squad of veterans worth in the region of about 125 points after upgrades add another £20 for a 60 point drop pod. Thats not far off the price off a new game system starter set! The lad from the tournament who I was talking to estimated the pound value of his 3000 point Dystopian War fleet at £100. That will only just get you a super heavy from games workshop like the new knights which I think are around the 300 point mark and thats if you already have the codex for it!

Games Workshop have there own stores, they are in almost every model shop, they have the largest range. Mantic and Spartan Games just don’t seem to have that yet. Out of the four shops I frequent, all stock Games Workshop, two stock Mantic games (although one only seemed to have the one game) and only one sells Spartan Games products. So out of thise three publishers who gets seen the most!

Thats not to knock Spartan or Mantic as there seems no shortage of players moving over to the smaller publishers games, myself included, who are moving for good cheaper minatures, they may at times seem slightly less detailed but they are still great quality, really good rule sets and the non draconian mind set.

Heres hoping the next few years see these smaller companies go from strength to strength, GW is king off the hill at the moment but there are plenty of people who would like to take that away from them and they have a lot of potential.

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