Dystopian Wars unboxing.

My new aquisition this month was Spartan Games Dystopian Wars. Now you may have seen that I have featured a lot off releases for Spartan Games. Mainly they are updating thier games from versiin 1 to version 2 and at the same time redoing all thier box sets.

Weighing in at £80 rrp its the dearest game on the market eclipsing even Games Workshop products but what do you get with it. Well the full list is published on thier site but basically you get everything to play straight out of the box.


What sets this box set apart is the resin models that need very little trimming and are just lush. The level of detail on each model is second to none.

The rule book, which isnt the full comadore edition,  but includes everything except points values for all the fleets, is well laid out and the rules are easy to follow. Also included is a booklet with a series of scenarios ranging from a race to a full battle. Each scenario introduces a few new rules and is an easy way to start learning the mechanisms of the games.

The final part of the bix is a few pieces of cardboard scenery. Which although printed on card allow a bit of depth to the tabletop battlefield straight out of the box.


Here is a close up work in progress of two of the models just to show you the level of detail.


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