New Warhammer 40k starter set


Well according to this leaked photo of next weeks White Dwarf (which if its a fake its damn good). Games Workshops new box set will be Space Wolves vs Orks, now not against the Space Wolves but Orks, surely that well has got to be getting close to empty, although you argue that Space Marines as a starter faction is so empty that all the bucket is bringong up now is sand, but they are the flag ship good guy faction for 40k and the poster boys for GW, Dark Vengence we had Dark Angels now the Space Wolves which coupled with the Ork codex that has been release would make me think that the Wolves Codex is just about ready to poke its head into the world. One thing that I have not heard yet is the price or if its a slimmed down rulebook or the full fat version. Current rumours point towards a slim line rule book with just the rules needed to play the starter sets. Now this could be a tactically genius way of GW either making the starter set cheaper therefore more new blood,  or a massive blunder as they try and force more people to buy the new rulebook. If the former, could it actually work, and if its the later well I think that could well be a massive mistake.

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