The Raj is coming

The Indian Raj Naval Battle Group
The Indian Raj is the richest and most populous of the Britannian dominions, and as such it is one of the most powerful. Its world geography makes it a vital player in naval warfare, and its fleets are commended with seasoned officers, both domestic and Britannian. At the heart of a Raj Naval Battle Group is a giant Jhasa Battle Carrier, quite literally the jewel of this nation’s naval complement. Stacked full of KoB flyers a Jhasa lays down an outlandish amount of firepower, only surpassed in terms of brutishness by the Canda Monitor and Chanura Heavy Battleship. Other vessels include the nippy Veeran Corvette and Devak Cruiser. A well rounded naval force if there ever was one


The Indian Raj Armoured Battle Group
With such huge areas of land to command, the Indian Raj must press home its ground force capability, smashing all that stand before it. An Armoured Battle Group anchors around the gigantic and foreboding Antaka Land Dreadnought. Rolling along and crushing all before it, this monolith of Indian architecture unleashes a storm of destruction upon enemy forces, with the Ajagava Heavy Bombard letting loose a hail of death. Supporting the heavy hitters are the Tarakee Light Tank, Megha War Elephants (a sight to behold when in war formation) and the Vimana Medium Tanks. Elegant and deadly is the easiest way to describe an Indian Raj Armoured Battle Group.


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