Painted Daughters of the Flame

The Bovine Overlord

This is the beginnings of my probably-rather-truncated Protectorate of Menoth army for WarmaHordes.  I got this unit of Daughters of the Flame for my birthday, so it’s only taken me a paltry half-year or so to get paint on them.  Taking into account my total lack of skill at the game I found the Daughters rather effective.  They advance deploy and have high defence so I would generally just jam them in as deep as possible.  Inevitably they would get wiped out but usually I felt that it was worth it for either the amount of effort required to do so or for the board control that I was afforded as a result.  In the rare cases where a couple survived I was able to charge them off somewhere else irritating for my opponent as they have the acrobatics ability and are therefore hard to pin down.

I’m chose to…

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