The Spoils Game Play

So after my unboxing review I packed up and went down to my local FLGS where I had arranged a demo game.

1st question was ‘have you played #@!’ (a different game) which I have. The response was good this will confuse you for the first turn then.

He wasn’t lying.

So after a brief description of the different cards and general rules and we were off me sitting pretty smug on 25 life him on 20.

Now I am not going to try and teach you how to play (I’m not that good yet) it’s also still a fairly new way off playing it took me three turns to figure out the basics by which point he was on 20 life and I was on 15 although I had scared him enough with some of my plays. At this point it really did look like it was game over. Then it clicked.

Gushing praise to the designers over at The Spoils in just twenty minutes I had gone from a stage off ‘oh my god this is so stupid it doesn’t make sense’ to ‘where has this game been all my life’. Once you get your head around it (which is easier with someone who knows the game) it flows beautifully and the tactical options are immense. I will give you an example.

You can play any card face down as a resource, useful if you are lacking actual resource cards. Now some cards can ‘flip up’ meaning you can pay a cost the card is turned over and brought into play as if it had come from your hand. Now while that may not sound impressive imagine you are sitting across from your opponent he has a load of resource cards restored or untapped including for face down resources one off those face down cards could be a powerful spell that will break your next killing blow attack.

Back to my demo game. After I got the hang of the game I started punishing my opponent but my poor start was really hurting me, I had 10 resource to his 15+ so I was constantly on the back foot. However I did get him down to 6 life the same as me.for several turns I was done for. Only to flip up a card with a special rule like ‘target a card if that card has less life than cards in its owners discard pile, discard the card’.

But as the saying goes all good things must come to an end and eventually one turn before finishing the game, I swear I would have one, my opponent came out with a dirty trick of his own that I had no answer for cue me loosing my last 6 life.

But I hung in and drew the game out and made it hard for him to win and learned a lot about the game, so I will claim a moral objective based victory.


One of the cards that kept me going. Read it all I dare you not to chuckle.

All in my first game was a steep learning curve but fun the bug has definitely bitten. If you can I strongly recommend you find some one to show you this game as it’s a gem. If you don’t know anyone drop me a message I will see if I can help. But if you do nothing else this weekend have a look at it.

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