Alexis Polux and Lysander WIPs

More Hqs always good

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Hey guys

I decided I need a few more HQ options for my army, and thought it was time to try some special characters. First on the list was the quintessential Imperial Fist character, the captain of the first company, Darnath Lysnader.

I got the games workshop model, but decided I wanted to do my own version of Lysander. In particular, I want the model to be wearing cataphracti armour so it matches the rest of my terminators. I love the preator in terminator armour and thought it was to good not to use.

wip pic of Captain Darnath Librarian wip pic of Captain Darnath Lysander

Details of Lysnader's armour Details of Lysnader’s armour

wip pic of Captain Darnath Librarian wip pic of Captain Darnath Lysander

Next up on the list was Fleet Commander Alexis Polux. I’m holding off on doing a Sigismund conversion, because I’m expecting Forge World to come up with something pretty special for him. But, I still want something new for my Heresy army and…

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The Raj is coming

The Indian Raj Naval Battle Group
The Indian Raj is the richest and most populous of the Britannian dominions, and as such it is one of the most powerful. Its world geography makes it a vital player in naval warfare, and its fleets are commended with seasoned officers, both domestic and Britannian. At the heart of a Raj Naval Battle Group is a giant Jhasa Battle Carrier, quite literally the jewel of this nation’s naval complement. Stacked full of KoB flyers a Jhasa lays down an outlandish amount of firepower, only surpassed in terms of brutishness by the Canda Monitor and Chanura Heavy Battleship. Other vessels include the nippy Veeran Corvette and Devak Cruiser. A well rounded naval force if there ever was one


The Indian Raj Armoured Battle Group
With such huge areas of land to command, the Indian Raj must press home its ground force capability, smashing all that stand before it. An Armoured Battle Group anchors around the gigantic and foreboding Antaka Land Dreadnought. Rolling along and crushing all before it, this monolith of Indian architecture unleashes a storm of destruction upon enemy forces, with the Ajagava Heavy Bombard letting loose a hail of death. Supporting the heavy hitters are the Tarakee Light Tank, Megha War Elephants (a sight to behold when in war formation) and the Vimana Medium Tanks. Elegant and deadly is the easiest way to describe an Indian Raj Armoured Battle Group.


Pay more for less

Looks like the new 7th edition box set is nearly upon us, do you know whats in the box?

40k 7th Edition mini-rulebook (only in english) unknown if full rules or the rumoured cut down version

Grukk Face-Rippa
5 Nobz
10 Grots
1 Runtherd
3 Killa Kanz

Space Wolves:
Krom Dragongaze
5 Wolf Guards
5 Grey Hunters
5 Blood Claws

All your for the princely sum of £75rrp even at 10% off thats still £67.50

I think a comparison chart could soon be in the making.

New Warhammer 40k starter set


Well according to this leaked photo of next weeks White Dwarf (which if its a fake its damn good). Games Workshops new box set will be Space Wolves vs Orks, now not against the Space Wolves but Orks, surely that well has got to be getting close to empty, although you argue that Space Marines as a starter faction is so empty that all the bucket is bringong up now is sand, but they are the flag ship good guy faction for 40k and the poster boys for GW, Dark Vengence we had Dark Angels now the Space Wolves which coupled with the Ork codex that has been release would make me think that the Wolves Codex is just about ready to poke its head into the world. One thing that I have not heard yet is the price or if its a slimmed down rulebook or the full fat version. Current rumours point towards a slim line rule book with just the rules needed to play the starter sets. Now this could be a tactically genius way of GW either making the starter set cheaper therefore more new blood,  or a massive blunder as they try and force more people to buy the new rulebook. If the former, could it actually work, and if its the later well I think that could well be a massive mistake.

Terrain and ruins

In a previous post I said the XLC had sent me a terrain pack to have a look at, well half way through building it and I must admit for a mdf flatpack set its rather impressive the customisation options for it are varied beyond belief. I am making a three story building and a one story set of ruins from one pack.

There are in the pack plenty of different conector pieces but unfortunately there could have been a few more parts to make tall buildings but then there is the distinct possibility that I could have just used one per floor insted of two, in that case there would have been enough.

Once built the only extra thing I can see myself doing is greenstuffing the corners of the buildings to make them look a bit smoother.


This picturs is from about halfway through the build process

Hot Landing Zone part one

Next up for review is Dropzone commander from Hawk Wargames included in the box are two clash sized armies one UCM and one Scourge a detailed play mat some buildings for scenery rules and dice, as well as quite a slick little tape measure.

So thats whats in the box, every thing you need and everything you’d expect plus a few extras, a nice touch is the easy referance sheets for each faction which are worth thier weight in gold for the first few games and sometimes beyond.

The important part is the minitures both factions have a very balanced feel but two different play styles, for instance the scourge are very nimble and most of the time their tanks are harder two hit whislt the UCM have a better range. The UCM have a very ‘Haloesque’ feel to them whilst the Scourge have a metallic/organic look to them. Personally I love how the scourge play but prefer the look of the scourge. Assembling the minis js fairly straight forward and easy the starter kit is all plastic so all fit together nicely and the supplied instructions are clear and easy to follow. Once they are all assembled the armies have the feel of a much larger force if yoj are used to playing some other games systems.

The rules are some of the easiest and most stream lined I have seen to getting into a game. That’s not to say that any corners are cut, in fact the simplicity of the rules is so beautifully perfect that there doesn’t need loads of surplus rules to go along with it. Whats there is whats needed. Took about an hour to read the rules from back to front and playing the game just works, the trickiest part is making a force as it works a bit different from other systems as there are lots of options for transport, some units can only be transported I certain transports, but after a few attempts it becomes fairly qui m to see whats going on in army creation.

The games at ‘clash’ size tend to take about an hour, I got through three games in three hours in one session, one was a three way battle one was a two player and the last was a four way brawl. In the four way brawl after about 5 minutes explaining the basics of the game it still went surprisingly smoothly.