Mantics new rules to go with wave 2 deadzone products has been out a while now but hopefully all wave 2 products should be available now. So it’s time to have a look.


Now inside is plenty off glossy images new rules and scenarios as well as some changes to some core mechanics (not very many to be honest). Fancy a larger game, larger strike forces, 2 game mats or even four game mats, 3+ player games?

Then you need this book.

The two new factions in the rule book The Forge Fathers (not available yet) and The Asterians (available now) look as stunning as previous teaser pictures have promised, more to follow later.

The Incursion rulebook also introduces rules for larger games as well as (yes there is more) new model background for enforcers. Rules for multiple mat games and multiple player games are in there own little section. If more than on person wants to play the same strike team they can effectively team up, one strike team effectively takes the role of lead team the second provides ‘security’ for the whole team.

A copy of the main rulebook is needed as it’s a supplement but still many companies are going for supplement style rules instead of just reworking the entire rulebook.

60 Hours but no Sutherland

Over the past few weeks you make have noticed here and on Facebook that myself and a few other people have been talking about a minor release next year, well when I say minor it is probably one of the biggest steals I have seen either in the hobby or out of the hobby.


All of that for $100 dollars which works out about £60.27 plus or minus a few pence at the moment. The alpha stage rules are free as well, ok they aren’t the finished project and no doubt a few bits and pieces may change here and there but they are the game as it is at the moment so will give a few minutes worth of play at least.

If your not getting involved, why not? If you’re like me and have a wedding to pay for I will forgive you! There is a good chance Mantic may even forgive you for such a badly mistimed event.

I have been asking for a ball park figure of how much the pledge would be worth at retail. But looking at how much stuff has been added it’s no wonder I never got an answer, it would only have been valid for a few hours, one day at most. So I am going to guess, and I will guess miserably at three hundred pounds. The main game will be about fifty and expansions probably 10 to twenty pounds each. Then you have the extra scenery so on and so forth. If you never hear from me again it’s because I have asked my fiance if we can postpone the wedding so I can jump in on this.

If your still not convinced go and take a look at the Kickstarter. I am off to probably sign my own death warrant.

Wish me luck.

How to Start Gaming

So how do you start gaming?

Well first of spend a lot of time researching, do you like steam punk stuff, horror, fantasy, space battles? All of the above? This is very important as you are potentially looking at a hobby that can swallow a lot of time and money and then look at you saying feed me more.

Second question you will need to ask yourself is how big do I want to go. Smaller games will be cheaper than bigger games but you might not get the same enjoyment out off it, and bigger games take longer.

Ok have you answered those two questions? Good I have more!

Does anyone local play? If there is already a following for the game you like then try and join in. If not then you may have to try and find some people to get involved try asking your local shop or gaming club. You might find someone or even a different game.

Now in the process of writing this blog I have come across a lot of companies and the underlying theme is that starter sets are awesome value for money. The five I have had the pleasure of unboxing are Firestorm Armada, Dystopian Wars Deadzone, Dropzone Commander and Dark Vengeance. 3 different companies four different settings. Now other than Dark Vengeance the other three all have everything to get going with and play legal games straight off the start line.

All four have two forces that are well balanced, the rules and all associated tokens etc to get on and have a game. So if you could get someone else to buy a starter set as well as you, then you could end up with a reasonable sized force each and all the bits to go along with it as well.

If you’re getting a set by yourself then you will have the start of two fledgling forces. Which can be easily built on.

Now you just have to decide which force to collect and paint within your chosen game system… Good luck and have fun.

Minion Miniatures Bursting Out from the Deep

Minion Miniatures is a new Fantasy Miniature manufacturer with plans to release a whole range of plastic, metal and resin miniatures support our new fantasy skirmish game called Underdeep.

Underdeep takes place underneath the world of Morn, crushed by decades of war. Now it is the time of the creatures of the Underdeep to have their time… The game focuses on the battles and machinations of the pivotal races of the Underdeep including Goblins, Orcs, Gnolls, Drow, Undead and many more besides. The difference in this world is that the Sunsiders (those who dwell above ground) are generally only minor players in this vast world, a world where evil battles evil on an almost contestant basis.

The basic Kickstarter will allow us to release the plastic sprues for both the Zombie Abominations and Goblinkind with our basic rules being free and downloadable when the KS launches. We want the community to help us develop the rules throughout the KS and beyond to make them as exciting and entertaining as possible.

Goblin Colour 1

Each standard box set of 24 models will include 6 different body styles, 10-14 head variants and a selection of weapons allowing either sword, bow or spear armed Goblins. The Zombies just have a variety of different stabbing and hacking weapons including their claws.

The first stretch goal adds the command sprue to each box set adding two additional bodies to the selection, command heads and weapons as well as parts to make a standard bearer, champion and musician.

The parts will enable you to make thousands of different combinations of warriors to add to your army!

The game, Underdeep, is a skirmish based game with armies typically ranging from 20 to 70 models but in some cases much larger forces can be used. We also plan to release a mass combat game at a later date.

We are very open about the use of our miniatures and understand that many people would like to use our miniatures for other game systems and roleplaying games. We have therefore broken our pledge levels down to allow pledgers to form huge armies or just to buy a few of our miniatures. A pledge of £1 opens our addon store to you with lots of goodies and more being added as stretchgoals are hit.

Our plan is to run a Kickstarter campaign in September of this year to release the initial starter set and plastic miniatures with our stretch goals providing supporting metal and resin figures like Bugbears, Flesh Golems, Zombie Hulks and many more besides.

Zombie Hulk

Please visit our Facebook page for a more in depth look at the art and information on our Kickstarter. We would also appreciate it if you would LIKE our page.

Minion Miniatures Facebook Page – Please LIKE us!

The plastic miniatures are being manufactured by Renedra, the worlds very best plastic miniature manufacturer. This means the miniatures will be of the absolute highest quality available and good value too.

If the Kickstarter is very successful another boxed set, in plastic will be available… the Lizardkin. The Lizardkin dwell in the distant swamps and mires of Morn and many make their homes in extensive, damp underground caverns. The picture below depicts a Lizardkin Brave but the faction can also call upon Kobolds (diminutive and plentiful lizard like humanoids), Deathscales (enormous primitive lizardkin) and Troglodytes (stupid, slow but hugely strong). Some tribes even tame huge Dire Monitors to use as mounts and beasts of war!


A Jedi you are

Fantasy Flight Games are prepping a beta release of its third of three cross compatible role playing system Force and Destiny along with its two predecessors they are fully compatible. But let’s face it who wants to be anything but a Jedi.


To get involved in the Beta testing you just need to buy the Beta book which should soon be available and then submit your feedback More information here.

Tiny people need tiny homes to

Tabletop Towns is a firm I found on kickstarter. Here is a quick look at one of the newer ranges they stock 28mm cargo crates.


So this is how it starts just a flat bit of cardboard. Nearly 2 minutes later it looks like this.


With a 28mm mantic minatures next to it for size comparison. Despite being very thin cardboard the whole container feels fairly sturdy when put together a pack of these goes nicely together to add to already existing scenery. These little crates will be following me down to the Wargamers Against All Cancer twenty four hour charity event this weekend to get put out on a few boards.

If you swing by to the site be sure to check out the awesome castle.

Worlds War One Unboxing


Ok there is the box, it got a little knocked around on its flight from the states. Other than that it seems to have survived my copy is number 8 the box was hand made in Moorpark.

A little bit before I go any further thus game is still in kickstarter so what I have would be considered prototype. If you like it you can keep up with Worlds War One on kickstarter.

According to the Kickstarter in each box you will get

* 205 Beautiful cards with a unique, steampunk art and design style representing actual historical characters and events placed in a fantasy context

* 5 Oversized Reference Cards/Victory Point trackers

* 100 Resource Tokens

* Rulebook, containing rules for main game and multiple mini-games utilizing the same cards

* Sleek, attractive container that will fit almost anywhere!


But the counters would explain the massive compartment inside the box so should all be nice and self contained.

The cards all have steam punk style pictures on them which is a nice alternate reality feel to them

Thus is one of my favourites

Dreadnought Class Battlecruiser

Now with out going into all the rules you can probably see there is the same underlying cost mechanics to this game. But that will be another article.


Everything for a 2-5 player game is included in the box but I think for a five player game I might need some more tokens.

Now all I need to do is find someone who isn’t expecting it to have a demo game with.

Spoils League

Announcing The Spoils Fall League!

From September 6th 2014 until November 23rd 2014, Tournament Organizers may host The Spoils Fall League!

The Spoils Fall League is a great way for new players to kick-start their Spoils collections and compete on a level playing field. These tournaments may take the place of or run in conjunction with regular Spoils L33T Gaming weekly events.

Is your local hosting an event? If not ask them why not?

If you have never played before then now may well be a very good time to give The Spoils a try.