What makes a good game great.

With so many release on the way and loads of different projects on kickstarter, I am left wondering what makes a good game great.


Now as you are aware I have been exploring as much as possible but to be honest I would need either massive amounts of backing to do what I want or all the publishers to just send me there product, but even then I would need someone to support me and my family as I would be constantly painting playing and writing, so probably wouldn’t have a family to worry about.

Is it the models that make a game, the background (or fluff) as it’s known. Is it the rules, the players or the companies attitude?

The answer is all of them. I will explain Models are a must in this lifestyle I mean hobby and the better they look the more effort we put into making them look great. Take my Boston submarine from Dystopian Wars, I loved it, I probably spent more time painting the waves on that and put more effort into it than my Dark Angel space marine Squad.
In my opinion for fluff you can’t beat the Dark Angels, ok probably the most ignored legion chapter but there background is phenomenal. Mantic players are some of the more down to earth, crazy people I have met, their little slightly disjointed part of the hobbyverse is expanding almost season after season, and that swagger in their walk. They know it. The best company that I have dealt with for minatures is Hawk Wargames. Twice now I have been swapping E-mail with a rep at gone midnight. They may be slow on the releases but what they release they care about.

Why do you play the games you play? What influenced your choices?

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