Firestorm Armada – Why I love it

The Dice Hate Me

I love this game. I’ve played it since the first version of the rules and found it enjoyable. I also like v1.5 and the most current version – v2.

Since my enjoyment for Warhammer has waned with rules that embrace the pay to win methodology, I needed to find something to scratch that itch. I’ve picked up a few new games including some lesser known games like Godslayer by Megalith Games and Deep Wars by Anti Matter Games, both of which are fun games in their own right, but I really love Firestorm Armada. I’ll likely dedicate some posts to both Deep Wars and Godslayer later on, but for now I want to talk Firestorm.

So what makes this game so awesome? First of all, I love the company’s overall philosophy. I caught some pod casts by the guys over at It’s a blog dedicated to all things Spartan, with…

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