Firestorm Armada unboxing

Well herd we go with another unboxing. This time Spartan Games firestorm armada. The box is in typical Spartan fashion a bit underwhelming not very big but the art work on the sleeve shows what you get inside and all the normal stuff as well as a cool picture.

But it’s the box you really want to crack open and get at the resin meat inside off it.


This is the only photo taken so far and shows the two Tier One ships. Citadel paint included for reference only.

Now while there are little bubble wrap bags everywhere inside the box there are no instructions so a bit off googling is needed to find pictures of one or two bits. Very little cleaning is needed of the actual minis so you can dive right in.

The rule book included in the set is a nice glossy hardback and adds a nice quality touch to the set and all the counters are pop out. I would say a great improvement over Dystopian wars, but this was released first. Hopefully my copy was a dud and they should already be punched but we will see.

A selection of dice and markers are included so when my models are ready I can move onto the actual game the mechanics look and feel quite smooth but a few games should help see what’s under the hood off this massive game.

More news will be coming soon. You can follow the painting progress over at Tabletopgamesuk on facebook


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