Worlds War One Unboxing


Ok there is the box, it got a little knocked around on its flight from the states. Other than that it seems to have survived my copy is number 8 the box was hand made in Moorpark.

A little bit before I go any further thus game is still in kickstarter so what I have would be considered prototype. If you like it you can keep up with Worlds War One on kickstarter.

According to the Kickstarter in each box you will get

* 205 Beautiful cards with a unique, steampunk art and design style representing actual historical characters and events placed in a fantasy context

* 5 Oversized Reference Cards/Victory Point trackers

* 100 Resource Tokens

* Rulebook, containing rules for main game and multiple mini-games utilizing the same cards

* Sleek, attractive container that will fit almost anywhere!


But the counters would explain the massive compartment inside the box so should all be nice and self contained.

The cards all have steam punk style pictures on them which is a nice alternate reality feel to them

Thus is one of my favourites

Dreadnought Class Battlecruiser

Now with out going into all the rules you can probably see there is the same underlying cost mechanics to this game. But that will be another article.


Everything for a 2-5 player game is included in the box but I think for a five player game I might need some more tokens.

Now all I need to do is find someone who isn’t expecting it to have a demo game with.

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