60 Hours but no Sutherland

Over the past few weeks you make have noticed here and on Facebook that myself and a few other people have been talking about a minor release next year, well when I say minor it is probably one of the biggest steals I have seen either in the hobby or out of the hobby.


All of that for $100 dollars which works out about £60.27 plus or minus a few pence at the moment. The alpha stage rules are free as well, ok they aren’t the finished project and no doubt a few bits and pieces may change here and there but they are the game as it is at the moment so will give a few minutes worth of play at least.

If your not getting involved, why not? If you’re like me and have a wedding to pay for I will forgive you! There is a good chance Mantic may even forgive you for such a badly mistimed event.

I have been asking for a ball park figure of how much the pledge would be worth at retail. But looking at how much stuff has been added it’s no wonder I never got an answer, it would only have been valid for a few hours, one day at most. So I am going to guess, and I will guess miserably at three hundred pounds. The main game will be about fifty and expansions probably 10 to twenty pounds each. Then you have the extra scenery so on and so forth. If you never hear from me again it’s because I have asked my fiance if we can postpone the wedding so I can jump in on this.

If your still not convinced go and take a look at the Kickstarter. I am off to probably sign my own death warrant.

Wish me luck.


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