How to Start Gaming

So how do you start gaming?

Well first of spend a lot of time researching, do you like steam punk stuff, horror, fantasy, space battles? All of the above? This is very important as you are potentially looking at a hobby that can swallow a lot of time and money and then look at you saying feed me more.

Second question you will need to ask yourself is how big do I want to go. Smaller games will be cheaper than bigger games but you might not get the same enjoyment out off it, and bigger games take longer.

Ok have you answered those two questions? Good I have more!

Does anyone local play? If there is already a following for the game you like then try and join in. If not then you may have to try and find some people to get involved try asking your local shop or gaming club. You might find someone or even a different game.

Now in the process of writing this blog I have come across a lot of companies and the underlying theme is that starter sets are awesome value for money. The five I have had the pleasure of unboxing are Firestorm Armada, Dystopian Wars Deadzone, Dropzone Commander and Dark Vengeance. 3 different companies four different settings. Now other than Dark Vengeance the other three all have everything to get going with and play legal games straight off the start line.

All four have two forces that are well balanced, the rules and all associated tokens etc to get on and have a game. So if you could get someone else to buy a starter set as well as you, then you could end up with a reasonable sized force each and all the bits to go along with it as well.

If you’re getting a set by yourself then you will have the start of two fledgling forces. Which can be easily built on.

Now you just have to decide which force to collect and paint within your chosen game system… Good luck and have fun.


One thought on “How to Start Gaming”

  1. That is an interesting post, thanks for sharing your thoughts. The main thing that affects the games I play is having an opponent. No matter how much I like and evangelise about a game, if I want to get more than a couple of games of it, I need to rely on one of my friends sharing my interest.

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