Mantics new rules to go with wave 2 deadzone products has been out a while now but hopefully all wave 2 products should be available now. So it’s time to have a look.


Now inside is plenty off glossy images new rules and scenarios as well as some changes to some core mechanics (not very many to be honest). Fancy a larger game, larger strike forces, 2 game mats or even four game mats, 3+ player games?

Then you need this book.

The two new factions in the rule book The Forge Fathers (not available yet) and The Asterians (available now) look as stunning as previous teaser pictures have promised, more to follow later.

The Incursion rulebook also introduces rules for larger games as well as (yes there is more) new model background for enforcers. Rules for multiple mat games and multiple player games are in there own little section. If more than on person wants to play the same strike team they can effectively team up, one strike team effectively takes the role of lead team the second provides ‘security’ for the whole team.

A copy of the main rulebook is needed as it’s a supplement but still many companies are going for supplement style rules instead of just reworking the entire rulebook.


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