Space Hulk incoming?

A new teaser appeared on the Games Workshop What’s New Today page showing off a teaser for what appears to either be a new edition of Space Hulk or maybe just a re-print. Release date is scheduled for 13th September (thanks for the notice)

So the main image showing throughout the teaser is of a Space Marine being bolted into his Terminator Armour while flashing images that appear for a few moments at a time show off Terminators holding off against Tyranids, and especially Genestealers.

Update: In addition to the news that it’s coming some sources have said that it’s…

English Only Re-Release of the 2009 Version
4  New Scenarios
New Counters including – Boarding Torpedos, Breach Counters, Damaged Control Room & Turbo Lift Tiles
32 Easy Fit Models including – 22 Genestealers, 1 Broodlord & 12 Space Marine Terminators
189 Board Sections + Gaming Counters alongside the rulebook with 16 scenarios.

Seems like you’d be hard pressed to bet against the idea of this being the return of Space Hulk in some form or another. Maybe we’ll see plastic tiles?

– See more at Beasts of War


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