Mars Attacks

Mars is attacking, get ready to be invaded!  
Topps and Mantic Games have joined forces to bring MARS ATTACKS to life as a miniature-based tabletop wargame – and in the early weeks of October it arrives in retail stores. This comes just a year after its smash hit Kickstarter campaign!  
The game combines high quality, pre-assembled figures with fast and fun tactical gameplay.  With clip together terrain, this exciting new game is playable right out of the box!  The retail set comes with 20 Martians, 10 Earth Soldiers and 9 assorted heroes.  One player takes the role of the invaders, the other the defenders and they fight it out to the death! There is also a full colour play mat marked with a grid, and quick-assembly plastic scenery.  Included too are dice, a rulebook and a full card deck featuring spectacular all-new art by renowned fantasy illustrator Jeff Miracola!
Mantic Games – makers of the popular DEADZONE, KINGS OF WAR and DREADBALL tabletop games – launch with MARS ATTACKS as their first licensedproduct.  The Mars Attacks product range was funded using Kickstarter with $558,076 pledged to create the release. After achieving it’s initial funding in just over 12 minutes, the campaign reached enough stretch goals to add such exciting extras as Flying Saucers, Giant Robots and Mutated Insects that will all see retailers’ shelves via a selection of game extensions.
“After Mars Attacks raised more than 1100% of its initial goal on Kickstarter we were able to bring a complete retail range to market from the onset, even with the prohibitively high costs of plastic tooling. If Mars Attacks follows the same patterns as our previous  ranges on Kickstarter, we expect crowd funding will account for only 20% of the total sales – the majority we anticipate will be seen in the local hobby and comic shops in the coming months and years,” said Ronnie Renton, CEO Mantic Games.
Topps originally launched Mars Attacks in 1962 as a series of collectible bubblegum cards, which later served as the basis for a feature film in 1996 by Warner Brothers and directed by Tim Burton.  Since 2012, to celebrate the brand’s 50th Anniversary, Topps has been working to bring the Martians back into the mainstream through new trading cards, comic books and a variety of licensed partnerships, including this one with Mantic Games.
 “Mantic’s Kickstarter allowed us to reach a new segment of fans, expand our audience and create a viral excitement that might have been tough to achieve otherwise” said Topps’ Head of Outbound Licensing Adam Levine.  “The end result of the crowd-funding campaign speaks for itself, and illustrates the affection fans have for Mars Attacksafter more than 50 years.”

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