A slow few weeks a busy month ahead

Well reviews haven’t been flowing as thick and fast as I had hoped. Got a few in last month. But the next four weeks let’s see what have we got.

Well Mantics Mars Attacks is sat on the coffee table awaiting spray paint delivery, what else from Mantic, oh the Asterians hoping to get a game in with them soon, painting status is nearly there, plus anything I buy at a demo day I am running so expect a little something there. Pictures will go up on Facebook.

Hawk Wargames have very kindly (although the long haired general and the delivery drivers may argue) provided me with one of the new plastic starter sets, for EACH faction, they sit on the coffee table awaiting glue…. and to make it worse I am still working full time and doing the equivalent off an extra weeks worth off work every four weeks as well as an extra three days worth of time in travelling. But never fear I have a cunning plan, yes annual leave to hobby it large, I’m not entirely sure that’s a correct phrase but it sounds as close to the mark as I can get for the second week of October’s plan!

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