Great news for Mars Attacks Kickstarter backer

Great news – tomorrow Mantic start shipping the remaining Mars Attacks pledges!

Here is a message from the bigman himself

We have flown in the big stompy Robot, got lots of cardboard boxes already made up and we are ready to go. The other good news is that we have used the time to pre-bag lots of the components. This will mean that the despatch will not only be quick, but it should also be very accurate and everything will be easy to identify once it arrives with you. This means we will certainly have them all sent by mid- November as we said in the last post. With a little bit of luck we might have them done before then, fingers crossed.

In your shipment you will be receiving the game, the Robot, the saucer, the flatbed truck and all the models in the complete range – many of which will not hit retailers’ shelves for a while – in some cases up to 9 months.


The hard cover compendium however has been caught up for a number of reasons. Until last week it looked like that might make it for Monday, but we now have a date of mid-November, so we are going to post those out separately, although the backers that get despatched last might get it included, depending when it actually arrives. It might just be the last hard cover Compendium edition we do, so please enjoy it!

Thank you for being so patient, I can’t imagine how infuriating it is waiting for your parcel to arrive and yet seeing it about, when you are the people who made it all possible. However, I thought it would improve the weekend if I let you know that it is on its way in the next few days! With courier shipping starting tomorrow you’ll be receiving a personalised notification once your order is collected by the shipping agent and usually it arrives a couple of days later, depending where in the world you are.

So, once again 2 thanks yous and 2 hopes. Thank you for backing us – you have helped create a fantastic fun range that, I think brings Mars Attacks to life. Thank you for your patience while we brought in the last pieces (and dealt with some quite amazing cock-ups of which the 2 left legs was just one – I’m happy to share the war stories over a beer sometime!). And a hope – I hope you enjoy the game and the miniatures. We have tried to make it the most playable miniatures Tabletop game on the market. With great detail, strategic play and quick game time I hope that in the future you will see the game on retailers’ shelves with pride that you helped create it, rather than frustration that you don’t have it! Thank you. Enjoy.


Where do zombies come from?

Well according to Mantic zombies, or thier official designation Stage 3Z plague. These poor souls whose bodies didn’t when infected become Plague stage 3, the infection runs rampant and what’s left is little more than useless and will attack anything to try and eat it.

On the plus side there are 30 off these in the Contagion set.


So there than zombies what else come in this rather large expansion pack


2 sets of urban ruins to give your battlefield that ravaged look. These can all be interlinked with the rest of the Battlezone range to create massive urbanscapes to fight through and over.


You also get the Contagion rule book and AI cards which will allow you to play a two player game by yourself so you can battle test you strike forces.

The Contagion book contains all the rules for both a single player campaign where you have to escape the zombies over four battles as well as rules for using the AI deck.

You will need a copy of deadzone to be able to use this in a game as it only contains rule specific to the expansion.

Next week the plan is to get all this built and painted and then throw against my enforcer strike team to see how they fare.

FSA Game Picture Gallery

Andy G. and Ian C.

A few weekends ago I had a great time playing with some other local FS:A guys.  I was completely savaged by a dastardly Directorate biohazard heavy fleet, but had a blast.  The scenario conditions really didn’t suit the fleet I had picked, either, but I will say the following:

• I LOVED using Pack Hunters on my two squadrons of Scythe frigates – I will definitely spring for this again.  (I borrowed a squadron of nice looking frigates from Andy at the event.  By themselves they put on some serious hurt!)

• A full squadron of Skyhammer cruisers is a terror indeed – especially when heavily upgraded.  (This was the first game I got to use my Defense Monitor stand-in for the fourth cruiser, which looked great.)

I’ll need to pick up some more Scythes!



We played a 1200 point game – the largest I’ve played so far – and so…

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Build building and built.

For the last week I have been building Hawks Starter sets, and for a change I thought I would do something different. I magnetised some off them.

The PHR drop ships and walkers lend themselves very readily to magnets having the circular holes already at the top of the vehicles so I thought why not.


As you can see a little bit off glue and green stuff and the Walker is done and just a quick drill and the dropship is also done. Total prep time 5 minutes total time trying to make sure all the magnets were facing the right way.. well let’s just say that took as much time as building the rest of the kit.


Did you miss Space Hulk the first time

Many of you have contacted us to say how frustrated you were that our European webstores sold out so quickly. We listened, and we have good news!

We have a small number of copies left in other warehouses across the world, and we’ve decided to ship them back to the UK and make them available again through our European webstores for those of you who missed out.

These copies are currently on the high seas, and we expect them back in stock early December. We don’t know for certain when they’ll get here, so keep watching your inbox. We’ll send you an email notification as soon as they arrive, but you’ll need to act fast. Once these ones are gone, that’s it. The warehouses really will be bare!

Customer services.

Ok over the last few months I have seen someone publicly rant and rave and threaten to boycott Dropzone commander in everyplave he can forums and several facebook pages. Now while I don’t know the ins and outs or exactly what happened or is happening I had cause to contact Hawks myself.


Can you guess why? One of the parts off one off the gates had broke on the sprue. As you can imagine, no one is impressed to find broken bits in there minis box the anticipation, the planning, the excitement, all gone in an instant.

That was I believe late Tuesday. So I emailed Hawks along with the picture above. A member of the Hawks team replied on Wednesday and low and behold a new set arrived today. So in my experience Hawks customer service is second to none, also this is the first and only problem I have had with any off there products in nearly a year off owning DZC and what must amount to thousands of pounds worth off miniatures brought by myself and others I know who play the game.

Now the other customer, well he had his problems at a time when at least half the team were over in the states doing the shows and trying to grow the game even further. Unfortunately bad reviews tend to get spread further but in writing this short article I hope in some small way it will go towards redressing the balance for the Hawks team.

The whims of a spoilt King can cause nations to crumble….

… but the arrogance of the ancients could split the world in half. Some seek decadent comfort in the pain and suffering while others pound the drums of war to fight the oppression. Where will your adventures take you? Relics is tabletop wargame set on the unique world of Relicia. Supported by a range of models in the 30mm scale (where a models of a 6 foot tall person would be 30mm tall from the base of the models foot to the models eye). Each of the races of Relicia has a highly distinctive feel; both in terms of look and play.

Ok I admit I blatantly hi-jacked that from Tor Gaming but I was told I could use thier site, and to be honest that pretty much is the perfect way to put across the look and feel of the land of Relicia.

Let’s face it don’t they look….


… Well I was going to say cute but this Vaettir Varrier of the looks purely demonic evil and/or twisted.

The Varrier are the foot soldiers of the Vaettir these ancient and once noble warriors have been corrupted by their own foul meddling, pure hearts that are now filled with hatred and vengeance. Varriers exhibit a great mastery of bloodthirsty violence upon the field of battle. They scurry across the fields of battle with such terrifying swiftness they are capable of catching even the most alert enemies completely unawares.

You have been warned.

Multi coloured Shaltari

Being half way through building the Shaltari starter set for review I am starting to think about colour schemes as I like all my army/races to be different. Whilst I was looking for inspiration, mainly on facebook and the Hawks website I noticed something about My Little Pony PHR, so not technically what I was looking for but sounded a bit strange. So here they are


Whilst seemingly a bit odd, at least they are different. So on with the searching.


This is the ‘standard’ studio scheme nice and vivid.


This one seems ok though not sure about the orange seem a bit out of place.


Sorry for the blurry image (I blame Google.)


This is one off my favourites I have seen so far. But because it’s been done and I have now seen it. As well as the fact I have a whole tin off Crystal blue I think that’s what I am going to use for a base.