They come for Brains……

….and walked straight past me? Wonder what they are trying to say.

In honour of Halloween or maybe just because there just a good bunch of happy go lucky gamers from now till October 31st Mantic Games are offering a stunning deal.


75 zombies for a nominal fee off £49.99. Not all off them are the new wave 2 zombies there are some ghouls and kings of war zombies but these can be converted using the included sprues to sci-fi them up a bit.

Hopefully these will be just as good a quality that we have come to expect from Mantic. Let’s face it the value is pretty good even for these guys who constantly keep a good price point.


This set contains 75 multi-part plastic Plague Zombie miniatures

60 Multi-part Sci-fi ZombiesMilitary optionsScientist optionsCivilian options9 Kings of War Zombies that can be converted with the sci-fi zombie sprue6 Ghoul Figures that can be converted with the sci-fi zombie sprue75 25mm Round BasesMantic Points

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Have a look for yourself and also see what other bargains you can grab head over to the Mantic Shop were there is more information and lots shiney plastic offerings.

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