Multi coloured Shaltari

Being half way through building the Shaltari starter set for review I am starting to think about colour schemes as I like all my army/races to be different. Whilst I was looking for inspiration, mainly on facebook and the Hawks website I noticed something about My Little Pony PHR, so not technically what I was looking for but sounded a bit strange. So here they are


Whilst seemingly a bit odd, at least they are different. So on with the searching.


This is the ‘standard’ studio scheme nice and vivid.


This one seems ok though not sure about the orange seem a bit out of place.


Sorry for the blurry image (I blame Google.)


This is one off my favourites I have seen so far. But because it’s been done and I have now seen it. As well as the fact I have a whole tin off Crystal blue I think that’s what I am going to use for a base.

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