Customer services.

Ok over the last few months I have seen someone publicly rant and rave and threaten to boycott Dropzone commander in everyplave he can forums and several facebook pages. Now while I don’t know the ins and outs or exactly what happened or is happening I had cause to contact Hawks myself.


Can you guess why? One of the parts off one off the gates had broke on the sprue. As you can imagine, no one is impressed to find broken bits in there minis box the anticipation, the planning, the excitement, all gone in an instant.

That was I believe late Tuesday. So I emailed Hawks along with the picture above. A member of the Hawks team replied on Wednesday and low and behold a new set arrived today. So in my experience Hawks customer service is second to none, also this is the first and only problem I have had with any off there products in nearly a year off owning DZC and what must amount to thousands of pounds worth off miniatures brought by myself and others I know who play the game.

Now the other customer, well he had his problems at a time when at least half the team were over in the states doing the shows and trying to grow the game even further. Unfortunately bad reviews tend to get spread further but in writing this short article I hope in some small way it will go towards redressing the balance for the Hawks team.


15 thoughts on “Customer services.”

  1. I’m glad you had a good experience! I’ve yet to need to contact Hawk about a bad model and so far I’ve only heard/read about one person who has had any major issues with them. All we can do is tr to make sure one vocal person’s complaint does not paint a whole company bad.

    1. That’s good to hear Shawn and I am sure there are many like you. Having experienced both good and bad customer services from various companies I take this view. “ok you messed up will you fix it in a reasonable time?” if the answer is yes then the company will keep getting my business.

  2. Just my .02 worth here, I had a part go missing while the Hawk guys were here in the states doing their little promotion and so I knew it would be a while before I got a response. The finally got back, I received a response and was told they would get right on it. 11 days passed. In that time I’d finally gotten a very large shipment in – to the tune of $400 or so worth of HWG stuff and found several pieces horribly miscast. So, since I had already received a response on the first email, I tacked these new claims on to it thinking they would see them (since they needed my address to send the replacement parts anyways).

    8 days passed (not bad to come across the big pond) and I got an envelope in the mail. It included the sprue with the initial missing piece, but nothing about the other miscasts.

    So, I write a separate letter to them explaining I had tacked a secondary claim on the first claim thinking they would see it but apparently they didn’t. It’s now 18 or 19 days and I’ve still not even gotten acknowledgement of them receiving the second claim.

    It seems to me that their customer service is VERY hit or miss. Some people get great service, others get the proverbial shaft. If I didn’t like the game so much I can assure you, I would have sold everything off and moved on by this point, no muss, no fuss. However, I do like the game, so they will get another week to make things good or at very least let me know they got my mail.

  3. I had a similar incident (and I live in the US) where I ordered a Ocelot and it was missing its main gun… I contacted customer support… they sent me the replacement bit straight away… fortunately I had understanding players that let me use the fig even though it was missing its main gun… all in all a good customer experience here

  4. Myself personally I cannot rave about the service I got from Hawk Wargames enough, I live in New Zealand and had a fault on a Zeus walker and sent them a message to ask what to do, being 12 hrs ahead of UK I didn’t expect to get a response for at least 48hrs but they came back to me within 12 hrs and a week later I got a package that had two replacement bits. I also got a couple of surprises, below is the comment I made to the wargaming group I belong to when asked why I suddenly had 3 interceptors and how I was going to use them.

    No idea, got two sent to me when the one I brought had a slight fault nothing major but I mentioned it when I sent in a report on the big bubble in the Zeus just to let them know. I even said it was something I could easily fix myself. Next thing I know I have two extra walkers and two extra interceptors ( Note said that Hawk Wargames does not expect the customer to have to fix one of their products) So now I have 3

    No matter what other people may say I will always tell everyone about what a great customer service I personally got from Hawk Wargames.

  5. Unfortunately I cannot confirm your positive experience. Since May this year I have been trying to get in touch with anyone at Hawk Wargames. Zero reply even after a personal conversation at a convention. Now I am not a customer – I run a magazine and if this is how Hawk Wargames is dealing with PR then I wish them good luck.

  6. 29th August day 1 Miscast part reported (Alexander track unit)
    16th Sept day 18 email from Hawk apologising, they will get a replacement out along w “something extra as an apology for the delay” and “we will get this sorted for you very soon”
    26th Sept day 28 still nothing – email sent
    29th Sept day 31 still nothing – email sent requesting contact
    30th Sept day 33 – response from Simon – he will get onto it at his end
    8th Oct still nothing – another email sent
    10th Oct day 42……………………………….

  7. If a company want to succeed they need to het the customer service right first time everytime – if they fail to deliver on their promises then it stands to reason they will reap what they sow.
    if someone stands up and calls them on it, it will get noticed in this day and age of electronic communication – this does have a knock on effect – bad publicity, and the opportunity to get it right so it doesnt keep happening, going by the comments it looks like hawk havent either learned from their mistakes, or are taking too long to impliment steps to ensure these issues are corrected. Hopefully they are yaking note of the growing cases of poor customer service as evidenced by peoples comments and improving things for US (me and you) their customers

      1. I’m trying to keep my negativity down on Facebook because it so easily balloons out of proportion. I was called out for bad-mouthing a lack of detail on the starter box infantry, so I stay mum on FB now and try and remain patient waiting for service that’s 30 days overdue.

  8. Is it possible though there are two groups? One following this and one on facebook? Made up of different people?

    People may not be commenting on facebook due to “fanboy” syndrome

  9. Looks like hawk warames are taking note though and job advert for administrator is up – someone to deal with all the emails etc – for some people its a little too late but at least will tart addressing some of the issues

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