Work in progress

Well at the moment on my work desk I have the starter sets for Shaltari, PHR the Mars attacks boxed set and countless other bits.of scenery. I really could do with a month off work to get caught up. Hopefully will get a few hours in tomorrow morning.

Question is what’s on your work station?

6 thoughts on “Work in progress”

  1. Hello everyone 🙂

    My Table is still filled with Hab Cubes 🙂

    My latest project is just 60 hours or less from its end…

    Even if SciFi is not your thing you can still help support us….you can order anything from any of the previous kickstarter, Towns, Castle, Cargo Containers and all the plasticard and resin accessories that went with them.

    please help keep the range expanding 🙂


    1. It’s very good. Kind off a half way house from 40k to spartan really turns are battlegroups activation based but there isn’t as many charts and damage tables etc like in spartan games.

    2. The Shaltari look quite cool. Struggling with paint schemes at the moment.
      They seem a little bit fragile but they are very maneuverable. More pics comings soon after I have done some more painting

      1. Awesome! I haven’t picked any up yet, but that sounds more like my style of play anyway!

        Look forward to seeing some more and in different schemes than the orange.

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