FSA Game Picture Gallery

Andy G. and Ian C.

A few weekends ago I had a great time playing with some other local FS:A guys.  I was completely savaged by a dastardly Directorate biohazard heavy fleet, but had a blast.  The scenario conditions really didn’t suit the fleet I had picked, either, but I will say the following:

• I LOVED using Pack Hunters on my two squadrons of Scythe frigates – I will definitely spring for this again.  (I borrowed a squadron of nice looking frigates from Andy at the event.  By themselves they put on some serious hurt!)

• A full squadron of Skyhammer cruisers is a terror indeed – especially when heavily upgraded.  (This was the first game I got to use my Defense Monitor stand-in for the fourth cruiser, which looked great.)

I’ll need to pick up some more Scythes!



We played a 1200 point game – the largest I’ve played so far – and so…

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