Where do zombies come from?

Well according to Mantic zombies, or thier official designation Stage 3Z plague. These poor souls whose bodies didn’t when infected become Plague stage 3, the infection runs rampant and what’s left is little more than useless and will attack anything to try and eat it.

On the plus side there are 30 off these in the Contagion set.


So there than zombies what else come in this rather large expansion pack


2 sets of urban ruins to give your battlefield that ravaged look. These can all be interlinked with the rest of the Battlezone range to create massive urbanscapes to fight through and over.


You also get the Contagion rule book and AI cards which will allow you to play a two player game by yourself so you can battle test you strike forces.

The Contagion book contains all the rules for both a single player campaign where you have to escape the zombies over four battles as well as rules for using the AI deck.

You will need a copy of deadzone to be able to use this in a game as it only contains rule specific to the expansion.

Next week the plan is to get all this built and painted and then throw against my enforcer strike team to see how they fare.

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