last Weekend of Kings of War

Last Weekend of Kings of War Kickstarter 

There are just 3 days left to get the 2nd Edition Rulebook for the Kings of War Fantasy Battle Game on Kickstarter. 


Do you have a large fantasy army? The Kings of War Rulebook contains all 12 lists for armies as varied as human, dwarfs, elves, orcs, goblins, ogres and more.

All you need to play is a rulebook and you can use an existing fantasy army in large, fun, simple games, You’ll be surprised at just how quick it is.

But that simplicity of the game doesn’t take anything away from the strategy and tactics of the game – flanking and rear attacks are devastating, and combined assaults will leave your enemy reeling. Coupled with support from mighty heroes, terrifying monsters and simple yet not overbearing magic, Kings of War offers a complete mass battle fantasy experience, for just $50…


The Kickstarter also caters to anyone who wants a new fantasy army. Offering savings in the region of $60-75, the Mega-Starter Armies are the perfect way to begin your Kings of War adventure in one-simple package – and you can choose one as part of the mighty God of War pledge, which also gets you the exclusive and Kings of War rulebook.

For a complete look at the contents of the armies plus all the extra great value add-ons like 4Ground scenery, Secret Weapon Rolling Field board, Army Painter paint set and etched dice, check out the Kings of War Kickstarter here. 




There is just one day to go – the campaign finishes 11:59pm GMT Monday 1st December!

Humanity Resists


With the Invasion of Greenville on going, and not being able to look at the latest Kickstarter for fear of blowing my yearly gaming budget, I thought I would have a quick look at Mantics latest expansion for Mars Attacks this set includes some more aliens, some stealth aliens and Marines as well as the Nova Militia crew. Also included are the Martians saucer and a flatbed truck both off which I am in the process off painting up. The saucer looks fun and the truck is easily assembled while the rest off the minis are one piece coloured plastic so can be used straight from the box.
The models have a few mold lines to clear up but over all the quality is good and crisp.

Tune in soon to see the marines from Greenville torch through a swarm off 30 zombies. Will they make it or will they get eaten??

Choose your starter with Fallen Frontiers

Here is an interesting take on one off the age old problems off tabletop games. I don’t like what’s in the starter box set, but it’s nearly always the cheapest way to get started in the game.

Fallen Frontiers have come up with a novel solution to this problem. If you back the reboot kickstarter you can choose which forces you want to receive in your starter set.


So a lot more choice personally I am very tempted with the Sayx and the harvesters.

The project is fully funded so now any pledges will go to unlocking more cool stuff. I had hoped to get hold off a mini to see the quality but so far the renders and pictures look like the solid foundation of a new game.

Kings of War update

I thought I would share this product update with you. Literally straight from my email.

Project Update #15: Kings of War Fantasy Battle Game – 2nd Edition by Mantic Games

Straight to the point
Posted by Mantic Games

That’s done it – that’s the Undead Soul Reavers now fully funded!

We will now include this unit free in the Undead Mega-Starter Army ($100).
You can include this Mega-Starter Army in a pledge of God of War ($150) and Early Bird) or add one on to your existing pledges. Alternatively you can add this unit onto your pledge for $25.

The middle design is currently being voted as the one to follow – make sure you cast your vote!
Next up, let’s go for a stretch goal double shall we? One gap-filling unit for an existing army, and to continue our magic theme, a spellcaster for our newest army!

NEW! BONUS $205,000 Basilean Heavy Arbalest Warmachine
While the prowess of the Paladin orders and the stolid strength of the Men at Arms of Basilea are what win many a war for the Hegemony, it is the Arbalest that wins many of their battles. Easily capable of decimating a unit of infantry, or blunting the most determined cavalry charge, this ingenious war engine is the pride of the military academy of Basilea. Operating on a complex tension system, this devastating device hurls projectiles with such force that almost nothing will stop them.

The heavy arbalest adds some long-ranged firepower to an army full of combat choices.
If we hit this stretch goal, we will sculpt and produce a brand new metal Basilean Heavy Arbalest warmachine and crew.
You can add on a Basilean Heavy Arbalest with crew for $15 to your pledge.
We will include a Basilean Heavy Arbalest and crew in the Basilean Mega-Starter Army ($100). You can include this Mega-Starter Army in a pledge of God of War ($150) and Early Bird) or add one on to your existing pledges.

NEW! BONUS $210,000 Forces of the Abyss Iffrit
All Abyssal creatures are born of the flames, and most have some kind of pyromantic talent, but none are the equal of the Iffrits. Born in and moulded by the deepest and hottest furnace flames of the infernal pit, Iffrits are constantly suffused in flickering, demonic flames. They often transport themselves forwards on a column of fire, and shoot massive and deadly fireballs from their clawed fists which burn hot enough to reduce even a fully armoured warrior to mere dust and ashes in an eyeblink. Iffrits are thankfully rare, but where they do appear, doom will surely follow for all those who face them.

Summoning eldritch flames and otherworldly fire, Iffrits are powerful magic-casters in the Forces of the Abyss army, expanding the range to include a mighty new hero type to choose from.
If we hit this stretch goal, we will sculpt and produce a brand new metal Iffrit hero model.
Like the Lower Abyssals and the Abyssal Succubi – all of which are brand new sculpts in different poses – the Iffrit will be a new sculpt different to the Dungeon Saga figure and comes with alternate components to offer more choice.
You can add on an Abyssal Iffrit for $8 to your pledge.
We will include an Abyssal Iffrit in the Forces of the Abyss Mega-Starter Army ($100). You can include this Mega-Starter Army in a pledge of God of War ($150) and Early Bird) or add one on to your existing pledges.
Let’s get to it!

To find out more check out the kickstarter here

Blaine is back

Blaine has become Mantic’s quintessential Kickstarter mascot – an inter-dimensional traveller that crops up everywhere. At first, he was a total badass. Now he’s a total badass on a freakin’ dinosaur!


Tyrant King Blaine recently featured in Dungeon Saga as a playable hero with unique special rules. This time he’s mounted up on the vicious Gramakh to take to the battlefield alongside whichever army will pay him the most.

This Kickstarter Exclusive high quality resin miniatures (proper top-end resin) will come with special rules for use in Kings of War that means he will fight for any army.

If they hit this goal, they will include one FREE Tyrant King Blaine on Gramakh and his rules in every pledge of Living Legend ($50) and up!

For more information head over to the Kings of War kickstarter page.

Kickstarter Going Mad

Kickstarters are going Mad today.

First off today we have the reboot off Fallen Frontiers.

Fallen Frontiers is a miniature game, set in a futuristic sci-fi society where humans have colonized much of the galaxy and have found powerful energy sources and intelligent life forms with advanced technology.

In the universe of Fallen Frontiers different factions fight for control over planets and their strategic resources in order to expand in a galaxy that holds lots of secrets. The players take control of a faction that can be shaped by choosing troops, characters and cards that best adapt to their game style.

Also released yesterday was Mantic 2nd Edition Kings of War.

Kings of War is the two-player fantasy miniatures game where epic armies of brave warriors and devastating cavalry clash against powerful wizards and fantastical monsters – all on your tabletop.


As the general of a mighty army, you will build your force by collecting new units of troops – and lead them to battle using the game’s simple rules, seeking victory and the spoils of war!

This Kickstarter is to fund the 2nd Edition Kings of War Hardback Rulebook, a new tome that will build on the previous edition to create a bigger and better game.


If you fancy something new why not pop by and check them out.