Have you ever had this happen?

Ok had this happen to me today and was wondering if anyone else had experienced the same problem.

I walked into one off my local stockists, had a chat with one member off staff who was awesome and picked up a game for my daughter (yes that was the pretence of me going) then proceeded to the fun bit off the store, not an overly large range but they have some cool stuff, picked up one box could afford it, put it down, picked up another but I know the game will be appearing on kickstarter soon with new rules, so put it down, picked up another game that my better half has said she will buy me for Christmas, so again put it down, all the while being shadowed by a member off staff.

Now admittedly I had an empty backpack on my back, would have looked stupid on my front, and yes I had been looking at a lot of products and pulling boxes out and rummaging around in a box full off blisters, but seriously, there are more cameras in the shop than on a film set!

Needless to say I didn’t buy any hobby stuff and continued to hover round until another member off staff was on the till to buy the little gamer her treat.

I think next time I might, very obviously, follow him around the shop the next time, see how he likes it.

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