The Martians are coming…… Well more off them!

The first wave of the invasion is over, and General Tor is determined to wipe all resistance from the streets of Greenville to make an example for the rest of humanity to see! The Martians are heavily reinforced with specialists and air support as they push forwards to grind humanity under their boots.

But the invaders aren’t having it all their own way. The mysterious Novas Vira have arrived to rally the survivors and help them in taking the fight back to the Martians, bringing exotic weaponry and equipment to even the balance.

With both sides bringing new weapons and tactics to the conflict, things can only get uglier!

While the base Mars Attacks game is designed to be replayable and highly enjoyable, new expansions add even more!

The first expansion for Mars Attacks is Humanity Resists, which marks the first real fight back since the invasion began…

The first wave of attack is over and General Tor feels that all he needs to do is finish crushing the last vestiges of Humanity. But Greenville is proving difficult, and the resistance is rising up to stop the forces who expected this small town to be just another stop on the route to domination.

With new 8 scenarios, a selection of great new characters like Agents Falco and Natalya, and new special rules, Humanity Resists furthers the story and the amount of replayability from your game.

The Humanity Resists book is included in a simple expansion box which includes a number of reinforcements for your Martian and Human Forces, including:

– 1 Martian Attack Saucer
– 1 Flatbed Truck
– 10 Novas Vira Resistance Soldiers
– 5 Martian Marines
– 5 Stealth Martians

The contents of this box are truly staggering. There are 20 more pre-assembled coloured miniatures, as well as 2 outstanding, easy to assemble vehicles.
Yet again going straight from the box to the table is yet another seamlessly easy process that gets you straight into the gaming action faster, letting you venture into the hobby side at your own leisure.

Personally, not only am i looking forward to the new scenarios, but im also looking forward to revisiting some of the base set scenarios. Being able to revist these with new models too add a twist will be great fun. It would be interesting too see how things would have turned out if the novas vira had just helped out humanity from the beginning, or if the martians had dropped a full brutal assaualt from day one.

One thing that stands out to me is the Martian Saucer. Nothing seems more satisfying than watching humans be reduced to molten slime by the sheer brute force of my Martian Heatray!

The Humanity Resists expansion will be available in November, so over the next few weeks I will be taking a look at the individual kits and give you a rundown of what to expect. Get yourself over to the mantics website and preorder now!


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