Blaine is back

Blaine has become Mantic’s quintessential Kickstarter mascot – an inter-dimensional traveller that crops up everywhere. At first, he was a total badass. Now he’s a total badass on a freakin’ dinosaur!


Tyrant King Blaine recently featured in Dungeon Saga as a playable hero with unique special rules. This time he’s mounted up on the vicious Gramakh to take to the battlefield alongside whichever army will pay him the most.

This Kickstarter Exclusive high quality resin miniatures (proper top-end resin) will come with special rules for use in Kings of War that means he will fight for any army.

If they hit this goal, they will include one FREE Tyrant King Blaine on Gramakh and his rules in every pledge of Living Legend ($50) and up!

For more information head over to the Kings of War kickstarter page.


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