last Weekend of Kings of War

Last Weekend of Kings of War Kickstarter 

There are just 3 days left to get the 2nd Edition Rulebook for the Kings of War Fantasy Battle Game on Kickstarter. 


Do you have a large fantasy army? The Kings of War Rulebook contains all 12 lists for armies as varied as human, dwarfs, elves, orcs, goblins, ogres and more.

All you need to play is a rulebook and you can use an existing fantasy army in large, fun, simple games, You’ll be surprised at just how quick it is.

But that simplicity of the game doesn’t take anything away from the strategy and tactics of the game – flanking and rear attacks are devastating, and combined assaults will leave your enemy reeling. Coupled with support from mighty heroes, terrifying monsters and simple yet not overbearing magic, Kings of War offers a complete mass battle fantasy experience, for just $50…


The Kickstarter also caters to anyone who wants a new fantasy army. Offering savings in the region of $60-75, the Mega-Starter Armies are the perfect way to begin your Kings of War adventure in one-simple package – and you can choose one as part of the mighty God of War pledge, which also gets you the exclusive and Kings of War rulebook.

For a complete look at the contents of the armies plus all the extra great value add-ons like 4Ground scenery, Secret Weapon Rolling Field board, Army Painter paint set and etched dice, check out the Kings of War Kickstarter here. 




There is just one day to go – the campaign finishes 11:59pm GMT Monday 1st December!

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