Wrapping up.

Well it’s that time of year where people wrap up warm eat more than they should in a week, and that’s just for breakfast, then spend the day opening presents and giving gifts to there loved ones.

This year I am working through out the Christmas season right through to new year. So am takingbthis opportunity to wind down and say thank you to everyone who has read, commented, passed judgement or provided materials for me to review.

In the few months since.I left the ‘GW is the only gaming company in the world’ camp I have meet so many great people, and plan on meeting many more next year.

I also thought I would give you a small Christmas teaser, I am in the process of trying to find some of the smaller games companies, or lesser known ones and getting them some typing time so any suggestions are welcome. So what can you expect in 2015 well Mantics kings of war version 2 I would Imagine Hawks will release a new game soon. The Spoils will have a new release soon and loads more besides.

Stay tuned, stay safe over the festive season, and remember to pay homage to the Dice Gods.


Return of the Overseers

“Storm Zone: Return of the Overseers” Two Player Battle Box
When the leaders of the Aquan Prime heard of the assault of Proteus Prime by Directorate forces they were gripped with fear. The ancient texts told of a great danger hidden in the planet, an ancient force that could destroy the entire galaxy.


In response the latest fleet of Aquan starships was sent to intercept and destroy the Directorate fleet orbiting the planet. An epic battle is taking place above the planet of Proteus Prime – so gather your forces Commanders it is time for war!


1 Oannes Class Heavy Carrier
2 Sulis Class Cruisers
2 Shiva Class Gunships
4 Chimaera Class Frigates
2 Large SRS Tokens
2 Small SRS Tokens

1 Anarchist Class Battleship
2 Turmoil Class R&D Cruisers
2 Annihilation Class Gunships
4 Liquidator Class Frigates
2 Large SRS Tokens
2 Small SRS Tokens

1 multi-part resin and acrylic Dimensional Gate
1 Firestorm Armada 2.0 Rulebook
3 Token & Template Sheets
2 Asteroid Sheets
2 Fast Play Sheets
2 Tactical Action Card Decks
24 Dice
1 Mission Booklet

The Other Side of the Tournament

Well the other side of the tournament came round way to quick due to a tropical storm and freak 18 foot of snow hitting my local FLGS which ment nobody could get there.

So I was the default winner of the tournament by being the only person to turn up.

Not quite the massive article I had intended or indeed the result I was hoping for from today. At least I got given some cool foil Promos for turning up.

Tournament Ready

Today sees me take part in my first tournament for the spoils that isn’t a demo.

Yes after over four months the guys who tell me when I am needed at work and the guys who run my Friendly Local Gaming Store have finally decided to consider the fact that I want a game.

So I am armed with a cool playmat a 75 card The Spoils deck and all the rest of demo gear, and I am Tournament Ready. Throughout the day I will be putting updates on my Facebook Page then over the next week that will be feed to a raging bask to see what comes out the other end and posted up as a report.

I know I am going to be going up against some big hitters and some nasty combos, that the power players use with a primarily starter box set based deck. But I am looking forward to some good luck from the CCG Gods.

Wish me well and see you on the other side.

I remember….

I remember way back when Magic the gathering had a very small following. Yes I played the mighty MTG monster when it was but a hatchling.

Why is this important, well 2015 promises to be a great year for a small game called The Spoils now I am sure some of you have heard me talk about it. If you haven’t have a quick flick back a few months. There is a new release on the horizon, ‘Holy Heist’, and a few more things beside that I have had an exclusive look at, now trying to get a local game at the moment is like trying to get a game of magic back in the old days.

But there is a difference in those days for every five people I showed one person was interested, with The Spoils everyone, bar Mrs Tabletop Games UK, shows interest. It’s getting people to try that’s the problem. They are so set in their ways. When did gamers become so lateral? Where has the imagination gone, the thirst for something new, the desire to trample into the wastes of that unknown territory and say I was here first?

So I call to all my gamer followers try something new if card games are your thing you will not go wrong with The Spoils.

But beware the Sarcophyle might bite deep.

Across the Dead Earth

Across the Dead Earth has finally landed.

One of the first games I saw on Kickstarter has arrived as promised, and I have seen the game grow, the question is will it be as good as expected.


First of the miniatures as let’s face it there is no other place to start. Fat Boy (pictured above) and all the rest of the three starting gangs all look reasonably good considering it’s a first outing. With the advances in plastic casting I have gone off the old metal casts, but these are all great looking miniatures, well they are at the moment, let’s see what some paint can ruin. But I will have a go at writing my first paint guide in the near future.

The rules, or as I always think the one thing that can make or break a game, are well written, there is a balance between fun, complexity, and depth that is hard to balance, these rules have them well locked down, so far I haven’t seen anything that’s made me cringe, odds are someone somewhere will find something, but until then solid is the word I will use. With campaign and progression mechanics thrown in as well.

If you ever played Necromunda yummy remember that the after game of a campaign could last as long as the ‘actual’ game. Now either I am more used to clean up phases in games now or AtDE seems to have made the post game ‘clean up’ stage a bit smoother. With ‘traders’ offering a variety of rare goods on a card draw not a dice roll.

Over the next few weeks, I aim to get the models painted up andcready to go, although scenery will be a bit tough, hopefully rope a few games in to see exactly how the game meshes but if what’s in the book translates to the table, then this may well be the campaign system to beat moving into 2015.

And just to get another bit off artwork in can you guess where an upcoming release is scheduled to happen?