Across the Dead Earth

Across the Dead Earth has finally landed.

One of the first games I saw on Kickstarter has arrived as promised, and I have seen the game grow, the question is will it be as good as expected.


First of the miniatures as let’s face it there is no other place to start. Fat Boy (pictured above) and all the rest of the three starting gangs all look reasonably good considering it’s a first outing. With the advances in plastic casting I have gone off the old metal casts, but these are all great looking miniatures, well they are at the moment, let’s see what some paint can ruin. But I will have a go at writing my first paint guide in the near future.

The rules, or as I always think the one thing that can make or break a game, are well written, there is a balance between fun, complexity, and depth that is hard to balance, these rules have them well locked down, so far I haven’t seen anything that’s made me cringe, odds are someone somewhere will find something, but until then solid is the word I will use. With campaign and progression mechanics thrown in as well.

If you ever played Necromunda yummy remember that the after game of a campaign could last as long as the ‘actual’ game. Now either I am more used to clean up phases in games now or AtDE seems to have made the post game ‘clean up’ stage a bit smoother. With ‘traders’ offering a variety of rare goods on a card draw not a dice roll.

Over the next few weeks, I aim to get the models painted up andcready to go, although scenery will be a bit tough, hopefully rope a few games in to see exactly how the game meshes but if what’s in the book translates to the table, then this may well be the campaign system to beat moving into 2015.

And just to get another bit off artwork in can you guess where an upcoming release is scheduled to happen?


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