I remember….

I remember way back when Magic the gathering had a very small following. Yes I played the mighty MTG monster when it was but a hatchling.

Why is this important, well 2015 promises to be a great year for a small game called The Spoils now I am sure some of you have heard me talk about it. If you haven’t have a quick flick back a few months. There is a new release on the horizon, ‘Holy Heist’, and a few more things beside that I have had an exclusive look at, now trying to get a local game at the moment is like trying to get a game of magic back in the old days.

But there is a difference in those days for every five people I showed one person was interested, with The Spoils everyone, bar Mrs Tabletop Games UK, shows interest. It’s getting people to try that’s the problem. They are so set in their ways. When did gamers become so lateral? Where has the imagination gone, the thirst for something new, the desire to trample into the wastes of that unknown territory and say I was here first?

So I call to all my gamer followers try something new if card games are your thing you will not go wrong with The Spoils.

But beware the Sarcophyle might bite deep.


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