Hobby Woes

Well 2015 is here and hopefully you got lots more hobby stuff over the Christmas new year sale period, even more hopefully it’s arrived.
I got thinking about the blog and emails that will be sent out, should I start concentrating more on a brand or just continue the hap hazard diversification.

The answer is obvious, must have more, so to that effect a batch of emails are being readied and sent out this week.

However on the painting front I am woefully behind. Especially now I have a thousand point Basalian Army to paint, hopefully a friend will sort out his business and start painting some off my demo stuff for me so I can do more playing and writing. Until such time though I think I am going to have to go back to litteraly picking a force, finishing it and then moving on, I really want to do my Forge Fathers Dreadball and Deadzone figures as these will be the teams I use in tourneys this year, but I am still waiting on a booster to arrive, so I think will skip those for the time being.

So I think my first painting project of 2015 will be Dropzone Commander PHR starter set the clean models, combined with a low model count should be just what I need to get 2015 jump started into getting some painting done.

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