Developed and published by Black Wasp Games Warbands is heading to next month with the aim of raising enough money to push out thier first game. I have a copy of the rulebook which I will be looking at over the weekend but yesterday Black Wasp Games took to facebook to answer some questions from potential backers from that question and answer session I give you the following article.

With a gaming pedigree that goes back to age 6 and covers formats such as Dungeons and Dragons, Infinity, Malifuax and the oblgatiry Games Workshop, Warhammer Fantasy and 40,000, they discovered their passion for the setting, Fantasy, so with that done they began taking the bits that worked and that they liked from each game system and put it together to make a new system, over the last year they haev filled out their system smoothed over the problems and began turning it into Warbands.

Tha basic boxed game comes with the ‘standard’ package that is enough for two people to have a good game and get cracking, this ‘starter’ package will be 11 ‘exclusive’ kickstarter models and also Black Wasp will be planning to release a new miniature each month, this coupled with the planned massive amounts of customisation, for class types armour varients and weapon combos, could lead to some very nice modelling and conversion oppurtunities.

Whilst being slightly coy about it when asked about expansions and the future direction of the game and company I was told that they would like to be still working on it in 20 years time, so the designers must se this having a lot off leg room to say that, campaign rules are already in the pipeline and beta versions should be ready to go in the first wave off Starter sets, with new models, races and professions already being eyed up, there is at current time no plans to start going down the route of sculpting creatures and the focus is more on warbands fighting each other with ten scenarios in the rulebook at the moment and more planned yet again.

Heroes and Warlords will feature but will be heavily balanced so that players can’t rely on the ;who ever has the biggest and shiniest new toy’ to win.

All in this looks very much like being a nicely well rounded game where luck and decisions will play a bigger part off winning rather than who has the ‘shiniest’ new toy.

I look forward to keeping up with this one and if they can time it properly so that its not on kickstarter the same time as another planned backing then I may just have to have a go with this one.

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