Spartan Scenics

Spartan Scenics have jumped on kickstarter to fund there newest project.


Fully customisable scenery.

This Kickstarter is to fund the latest innovation by Spartan Games and is:

Scale – the project starts at 28mm scale, but will grow to embrace any scale we want!

High quality – as you have come to expect from Spartan Games.

Flexible – designed to be built both vertically and horizontally, allowing you to build rooms, corridors and towers. You will also be able to create bridges between floors, towers, mezzanines and balconies. Use your imagination to also make arches, windows and doorways.

Requires no glue – components fit together using universal push-fit connectors.

Plastic – start building your terrain with highly-durable plastic components.

Printed card – start your terrain with stunningly detailed, double-sided card inserts to build your floors, walls and doors. The vertical supports make it easy for you to switch the card over, allowing multiple themes to be supported by a common set of modular building components. Initial themes include Fantasy, Sci-Fi and World War II, but many more can be unlocked.

Resin, acrylic and more – once the foundations have been set the future of your scenery is very exciting: it has resin walls, floors and doors in it, along with coloured acrylic and laser-etched MDF. This terrain is designed to embrace all formats. So start with our stunning card solution before planning just how ‘deluxe‘ you will go!

Scenic Dressing Kits – will allow you to take your designs to an even greater level of detail as you add beds, tables, machinery, book cases, computers, traps and much more…

Follow this link to show your support

Easily stored – the system is 100% modular. So you can take it apart, easily store it and put it together, potentially reconfigured for a new genre or scale, whenever you want.


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