Pimp the power of the Dice

Most people when you see them set up for a game, they cracking open their Feldherr or Kr Cases the the scenery comes out of a couple of R.U.B.s then the Dice really just trickle out. No one really knows where from.

Well now you can rock your dice out in as much style as your miniatures.


KO’ed dice bags look the part. The bespoke way of moving those dice around, be it a generic or a bespoke bag. They look great, and although I will admit freely I had my doubts about the duffle bag closure at the top (it works by the way), they are well made and very sturdy.

For you Dust and Bolt Action players out there this would double as an order dice bag during the game as well. In fact you may even find there is already a logo there for you.


Prepare to see this bag out and about with me as well worth the outlay, so much so that I will be upgrading it to the Studio Forces.


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