M18 Hellcat

This is the first Bolt Action miniature I have had the pleasure to write about.


Now to say I was a little apprehensive about this kit is an understatement, as the only tanks I have ever built have been for a different company and the plastic/metal kits had almost as many parts as the real thing.



As you can see I was grossly mistaken the resin turret and body feel really solid as you would expect from resin, and took very minimal cleaning up to remove a few bits off flashing mainly around the lights and turret visor slits.


See not a great deal. A few once overs with a brush and was fine.


Assembly was a breeze except this metal part which I think is some sort of guard or guide for loading shells, although not really obvious from this angle the cockpit is quite detailed.

The kit comes with two barrel options a pre 1944 and post 1944 I have no idea.Which one I used probably the later one.


After about 20 minutes I had my first Bolt Action miniature finished, I did wonder why the barrel was made of metal, which bends, and the reply from Warlord was that is made more sense to occasionally have to bend a barrel back rather than make them out of plastic and run the risk off them snapping off totally. I guess that told me, and looking at it that way I guess it does make perfect sense.

Anyway after making this tank I now have itching to make more and play Tank Wars, but a box of winter Russian infantry is sitting in the corner, so my plans of global mechanisation will have to wait a few more reviews, also I have to go and buy some real life colours to paint my new death dealing tank up in as close to original colours as I can.

Being billed as a Tank Hunter I would imagine American commanders will have much fun hunting down their opponents armour with this tank.

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