Warlords gets set to March

So today I got around to sending over a load of questions to Dan an Black Wasp Games about Warbands which is due to go live on kickstarter at the end of the month.


What is the scale fo Warbands going to be?

The game is set in 28mm scale but some of our miniatures vary in size with the Dwarves and Halflings at 23mm to the Half Giant at 40mm. All of our miniature range uses 25mm round bases

How much is a starter set going to sting me for roughly (no pun intended honestly)?

£45 RRP
£35 kickstarter ($70AUD)

We also have a fulfillment company lined up in the EU to help the players avoid those nasty extra cost

Awesome so wehn is the expected release date?

28th February 2015 1300gmt is when the kickstarter will go live

estimated November 2015 store release (1 month after backers have received their game)

I have to say thats awesome that kickstarters will get it earlier than everyone else in the world

So how many players is Warbands for?
The game is designed for 2 people but can also be played with teams

While play testing we also found that we could use 6 out of the 10 scenarios to be played with 3 and 4 players

How many miniatures/pieces required for an average game?
A player can field anywhere from 2 – 15 miniatures in a 250 gp game (15 miniatures is 15 Halflings running around naked – it is still fun to play though)

and 4 – 30 miniatures in a 500 gp game

the scenarios are objective based and through our play testing we have found that 4 – 6 miniatures per side in a 250 gp game is best and about 10 miniatures for a 500 gp game

And how long will an ‘Average’ game take to play?

Two people can play through all 8 turns in about 45 minutes

What is the setting of the game?

Warbands is a fantasy game set in the Isle of Bel’Mor. Bel’Mor is now in its 3rd era and the 100 year war between the allied nations against the orcs and giants has recently come to a end. The nations have disbanded their armies to a stand in militia and the now unemployed veterans of war join together to make a living any way they can


How long has Warbands been in development?

Warbands started having its rules written in 2013 and was play tested by over 200 people world wide in the last half of 2014. We sent our play testers different versions of the rules to find out what players liked and disliked the most

Where did the inspiration for the game come from?

As a gamer myself, I had a lot of inspiration from a combination of systems that I enjoy playing, but the main inspiration for creating Warbands is the fact of playing in tournaments and running a gaming club, when listening to the players the 2 things that they all hated the most were the fact of overpricing and unbalanced factions within games, So with these 2 main things set in my mind I set out to create a game that would be fun and exciting while being balanced and affordable.

What was the hardest part of the game to develop?

The hardest part of developing Warbands was knowing all the different rules and cool things that we wanted to do in the game but trying to figure out how to combine them all together to keep the game easy to learn and yet hard to master so beginners and experienced players could enjoy.
That sounds like an impossible task, but having seen the Rules one that you have managed to pull off.

What was the most fun part of developing the game?

The most rewarding and fun part so far in developing Warbands is when our supporters and play testers give us a compliment on what we have done. It means that we are succeeding in our goal to “develop games for the players”

How do you feel about any reactions you have received so far?

The reactions and comments we have received so far have been wonderful and everyone that we have shown the game or demo’d the game to has loved it straight away. My favorite comment that I have received personally is “this is the new mordheim” after I gave a demonstration game
Strong comment indeed and not an easy job to live up to being the new Mordheim

Where do you see the game going in 5 years? How will you keep the game fresh and exciting?

We are hoping to be still producing Warbands in over 20 years time. We have already started work on the Campaign book which will also introduce new races, professions and more scenarios. We will keep listening to the players and use their feed back to help the game grow in a direction that they choose for the future.

The build system that players use to build their Warband and the game being able to be played on as much or little terrain as the players decide allows the game to have replay ability and still remain fresh and exiting each time

So what sets you aparty from the competition?

With the ability to build the Warband with any combination of the 10 races and 12 professions allows the player to build their group to their play style and still remain balanced

The 10 races to choose from are: Human, Dwarf, Draconian, Elf, Half Elf, Half Orc, Halfling, Half Giant, Warg and Pictari. Are you trying to ruin my revierw later this week?

The 12 Professions are: Archer, Ranger, Scout, Rogue, Thief, Barbarian, Warrior, Warlord, Paladin, Wizard, Druid and Cleric.

There are also 3 breeds of Warhounds for players to choose but can only have a maximum of 2 per party

All of the scenarios are objective based

As a final cheeky note do you have a sneak peak you can share with readers of http://www.tabletopgamesuk.Co.UK

We have already finished developing the Necromancer profession and all of his spells which will be released in the campaign book “Is this a hint that the campaign might be about the undead :)”

Ok Cheers for that Dan I will definitely be keeping an eye on this one when it comes up on Kickstarter at the end off the month, 15 naked halflings running around, well there goes my appetite for Sunday Lunch. Remember to keep an eye out as this week I will be looking through the rulebook for Warbands


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