What is a Painting Oath

Having seen a lot of these on various sites, and also taken part and run a few it occurs to me that some people still don’t know what the Painting Oath is.

Over on my facebook page I have run several including ‘themed’ oaths, here is how they run.

Somebody calls for the Oath

Like this one

You reply usually with ‘I Oath to Paint…..’ a picture is normally required to show that you haven’t already painted it.

Then you have until the cut off time to complete your Oath, sometimes people will vote on whose looks best other times it is just the satisfaction of completing the painting oath.

Needless to say if you don’t complete your oath expect to be named and shamed.

But why do we do this to ourselves, well if you are anything like me, I like buying the models building the models and then getting on and playing the game, this has led me to have quite a large pile of unpainted plastic parts lying around all over the place. which is one of the reasons I started this blog, to give me some motivation, I’m not sure that it has worked yet but I am almost up to date with review painting jobs, other than a very nice stack I have received recently.

For this month I posted three different oaths with three groups, two I have completed one is very nearly there.

Next month my oaths will be mainly Bolt action stuff with a small splattering of Empire of the Dead, possibly with another Dropzone starter set thrown in. I don’t honestly expect to get any off them Finished as March is a very manic month for me but I will try my hardest, and being a not very quick painter doesn’t really help at all.

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