Holy Heist Preview

Some of you may realise that I really like The Spoils, it’s not just the fantastic crazy artwork but the whole synergy of the game. There are very few useless cards and like a 12 year old there is an answer to everything.


The first spoiler is this Impeccable Triggerman. Awesome artwork (comes as standard, foil version will probably be floating around as well) and the art gives a visual clue as to how to use the card. Let me explain.

Now at first look it’s very much why bother strength 2 speed 3 but only one life, it’s not going to survive to many fights and for three resources it really tanks. Now I have looked a few times I wonder why I ever thought of attacking with it at all. Infact the rules on the card give you a clue. 3 resources to restore the card and on that turn it can’t attack. But it can redeplete and remove another charactor with 4 life or less. That’s quite a high threshold of characters you could be taking out every turn. Add it to a quick sly attack and you could rid the board of some very hard hitters after you have made your own attacks and reduced the life already on a card.

An awesome new tool to what I think is the best deck in the game and only getting stronger.

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